Let’s Travel… doing your homework can save money & hassel.

A great love of mine is Travel. Have traveled to many places from Europe to Asia, Australia. Many people think that a trip to a foreign country is expensive. While there is a cost it can be affordable. The real trick is to do your HOMEWORK! Look you cant get something for nothing. A travel only gets what he or she puts in to their own travel experience.

As I said do your homework. Lots of sources can be found for free on the internet. Travel books, TV & podcasts can really help. ITunes has lots of great free podcasts. Yet another way for information is free Apps from your Ipad or Kindle or any tablet. Rick Steve’s has some travel podcasts & they are free.

Yes travel books can be expensive. Amazon often has them much cheaper than buying them at a store. Also downloading them on your tablet can be much cheaper. I tend to buy books via amazon & download travel books via the Ipad. I am bit old school so do tend to like to hold a book in my hands.

Doing your homework can really help you save money. One place I love to travel is to London. Many of London’s best museums are free. The time of year you choose to travel can greatly have an impact on the cost of your trip. Personally I choose to go during the off season. My last trip cost was greatly reduced by traveling in December. Compare sites such as HOtwire, Orbitz prices can greatly differ. Be flexible. Being flexible about the days you can travel can save you money.

Traveling on the weekend & Monday can really drive up the price of your trip. Be willing to make extra connections. Be willing to drive to a bigger airport can also make your trip price cheaper. Look for deals and be travel wise. Think travel packages. During my last trip I had a package flight & hotel. The hotel even had a free full breakfast buffet.

Have a plan. Some people like to be a fly by the seat of the pants type of traveler. This can be very expensive. If money is no option for you then that’s great. Money is an issue for me. Small things such as buying a travel card for the underground can save time & money. Try to have a daily budget for your travel.

When traveling the internet can be your best friend. Websites such as Rick Steve’s, Couch surfing, Bing travel are great resources. Lonely has a nice website too.

Influenster….share your thoughts, earn badges, speak your mind,get free stuff!

Hey guys & gals. Let me tell you about Influenster. Influenster is a great way to earn badges, learn about new products items or servies. Having an internet presence can help you to earn badges via your social media,quizes and such, but you can also grab free stuff. It’s easy and you only have to share your thoughts. Yes there is some work involved,but its fun and oh so easy. So are you an Influenster?