Speed Stick VoxBox review

Hey folks. Few days ago I received an Influenster Speed Stick VoxBox to review. I was sent two different scented formulas of Speed Stick Gear to review. This Voxbox was sent to me compliments of Influenster. Just so you all know Influenster is 100% free to join. Thanks once again to the team at Influenster.

In my Voxbox I received two full sized Speed Stick Gear deodorants two try. The scents are,”Clean Peak” & “Fresh Force.” I have used both varieties. Yes both deodorants are scented, but what’s important to note is it’s a light fragrance. Love that they are lightly scented & they won’t interact with my cologne. My favorite of the two is the,”Fresh Force” it’s a nice light & airy scent. The,”Clean Peak scent is just slightly bolder, but NOT overpowering.

Recently we have had some warmer weather & both of these Speed Stick Gear deodorant’s have come in very handy. What I wanted to do was test them fairly. First test was an average day with no exercise. Of course both scents performed remarkable well. Since a normal day went well I decided to put them to the test. Went for my Judo classes & both scents kept me from smelling bad. They really do their job! Was happily surprised that these deodorants left No residue, and have been wearing short sleeved to shirts to test this. In my view there is nothing worse than deodorant that flakes of onto your shirt for the world to see.

Happily I did NOT experience any irritation from Speed Stick Gear. Honestly I am a product snob! Before testing I thought that these Speed Stick Gear deodorants would not do a good job, but I was wrong. These deodorants have a special,”DryCore” technology that helps to keep you, “Fresher, Drier, Longer.” Both scents performed very well, but as I have said love the clean smell of.”Fresh Force” best. Do not get me wrong both do a great job & will buy these when I need more deodorant. Please take a look at some photos of the items I received compliments of Influenster.tlba





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