Carol’s Daughter excellent products & amazing customer service.

ImageImageI have been using the Carol’s Daughter line of products for a while now. Normally I would  buy their items from sources such as HSN. HSN normally carries many items of the Carol’s Daughter line, but last time I was shopping couldn’t find the, “Hair Milk” refresher spray or the leave-in moisturizer or the, “Hair Milk” pudding. Hey I love LOVE HSN, but they did not have what I needed at that time. So I decided why not order directly from and so I did.


I am not African American, but Carol’s Daughter products are for all races & hair textures. Plus us males can use them to. I have very curly, thick & coarse hard to manage hair. Love the, “Hair Milk” line but also adore the, “Monoi” would also recommend the bath & body items just amazing. I had ordered my items on 2/04/14. Due to the bad weather my items took a while to arrive, and that is fine. Hey we can’t control the weather. Before opening the box I could tell there was a problem as the box was heavily scented, and this was not normal. Opened the box and very sadly the, “Hair Milk” refresher had exploded, and had covered everything in the box. Lost more than half of the product, and everything was a big nasty mess! The next day I called customer & the woman that helped me was amazing. Did not have to wait on the phone on hold long maybe a minute. Wish I could remember the customer service agents name. This lady was AMAZING! She understood the problem, and fixed it by sending me out a new, “Hair Milk” refresher spray. The other items were fine just messy. Heck a wet towel could clean them up.

The, “Hair Milk” line has such a clean & light fresh scent. If you have very curly hair I recommend trying this line. Heck I would also suggest trying the, “Monoi” line as it smells amazing, and can really help your hair. Yet another item love is the brown sugar scrub. That stuff is so good.

I contacted the customer service department around 2/13/2014, and still cant remember the service representative name. Please forgive me for that.


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