Chaz Dean’s Wen Spring Orange Blossom Review….

I have been a Wen user for maybe two years now. Personally I love the product line. If & when I do a review you will get my honest thought for better or worse. Yes this is a review of Chaz Dean’s Wen products. This review is for Chaz’s newest cleansing conditioner SPRING ORANGE BLOSSOM. Oh this scent is one of his special seasonal scents. When the Summer scent debuts…this scent will be gone.

It’s important to state that I paid for this 32oz cleansing conditioner & the 6oz replenishing treatment mist with my own money. Order it direct from Chaz’s site at go to the products section. The 320z cleansing conditioner was 72$ & the replenishing mist 6oz is 32$. Normally I buy most of my Wen items from QVC, but you can only buy the 32oz seasonal scents for Chaz’s site.

Yes I am a Wen guy! My hair is very thick,curly, & coarse. I understand some people say that it’s expensive, but you get what you pay for. The WEN line works for all types of hair regardless of race, gender, or texture. I use the entire line from the oils, cleansing conditioners, remoist, styling cream, and the mousse.

When searching on the internet it’s easy to find many very negative & positive reviews. I understand that many say it’s to expensive. Others say that it did nothing for their hair. Then you have WEN lovers like myself. Each person is welcome to his or her own thoughts. I will not put anyone down for how they feel. So please respect my thoughts & feelings.

As previously stated many say when is to expensive & did nothing for their hair. This could be because the user is not correctly using the WEN products. If you follow the steps below I feel you shall be a WEN convert.

This seasonal cleansing conditioner Spring Orange Blossom smells amazing. It really does smell like walking orange blossoms in the Spring. The scent is also refreshing & energizing. One aspect I love is that scents come from natural essential oils.
*** While in the shower use cool not hot water to rinse your hair. Try rinsing your hair for a minute or more. Now your hair has been rinsed. When using WEN remember to…Cleanse, rinse, cleanse & rinse again.

*** My hair is curly, thick & just to the top of my ears. For my first cleanse I use about eight pumps. With the pads of my fingers I slowly massage the WEN into my scalp in slow circular motions. Now add a dash of water, and continue working throughout your hair from roots to ends.

*** Now it’s time to rinse that first cleanse out. Don’t forget to use cool, and not hot water. Now it’s time to add eight more pumps, and work into hair with dash of water as you did before. Leave the WEN in as long you can for best results. As always use the cool water…not hot! So your done showering, but your not done yet. Add about a pea sized amount of the cleansing conditioner as a leave in treatment.

Keep in mind that you should NOT wash your hair everyday. True that shampoos & conditioners at drug stores are cheaper, but you won’t get the results you will with WEN. I no longer have an issue with dandruff or a dry itchy scalp. Just be open to the WEN process..




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