London… A city that I love… Travel tips…


This is a photo from the set of,”Loose Women” got the tickets for free.

Loose women desk

you can also get free tickets to London tv shows

Yes I have done past blog post about my London trips, but this post will focus on my last trip in November. Honestly London is an expensive city, but there are many free things to do. Normally I try to travel in the off peak season.  When others say how expensive hotels are in London I must nod my head in agreement. I would also agree that eating is expensive in London, but you can eat on the cheap. Yet another expense can be getting around London. While all the aforementioned is true you can travel, and not break your budget.

First step is to find out when you want to travel. Second step in your trip planning is to book the airfare & hotel. Check the major booking sites such as Expedia(my favorite), Orbitz, Priceline, etc. Trivago & Kayak are also good sites. Having said that I try to book a package deal that includes breakfast. Now if you eat enough breakfast at your hotel you may not need much of a lunch. Do your homework before booking, and know the area you want to stay. Many people make the mistake of thinking that stay away from the city center will save, but you wont. Staying far from the city itself you shall loose more sightseeing time, and spend more on the subway(tube). When looking at hotels check sites such as tripadvisor  & check out hotel guests photos.. Guests photos will more closely express the true room you shall get. Having said that take the written reviews with caution. Some guests can’t be made happy no matter what the staff does. Few hotels I have stayed at, and like were K&K Hotel George & The Rembrandt. Last November stayed at the K& K George it’s very close to the station, and staff is friendly.

London has so many things to see, and do, but some events can come with a heavy price tag. I love to attend a tapping of a free television show. Sites such as or you do need to sign up, but it’s free, quick & easy. Last November I attended a  tapping of,”Loose Women” a talk show like, “The View.” Attended one other show, but can’t recall the name. It’s fun to watch the process of a live show filming. I would suggest looking on youtube for clips of the show to see if it’s a show you would enjoy.

Eating in London can be brutally expensive. When I am trying to save might buy a salad or something to eat at a supermarket or even subway sandwich, and eat it at the park. Now many places to eat have a special reduced lunch time meal. Other value places to eat are Pret A Manger in London or Tiffinbites(fast indian food.) Just keep your eyes open, and good deals can be found on food.

London’s tube system is expensive, but it gets you around quickly. A good way to save is to buy a travel card. Buying tickets as you go will get very expensive. Yet another option is the Oyster card, but for many it’s confusing on how to use the card. Don’t be afraid of London’s tube system in a day or so you will get around like a local. Oh, and mind the gap… Sorry had to do that.

Many of London’s museums are for free. Museums such as, “Churchill War Rooms are not free”, and I would suggest investing in a London pass card. Yes some fuss about the price, but it gets you pass the lines at sites, and does save money in the end. Get your ticket here  if you want to visit many of the sites that charge a fee it’s worth the price.

Well I have said enough in this blog, but stay tuned for another blog post on packing tips..


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