Josie Maran’s Argan Oil: Model Citizen Collection.


Just bought three new items in Josie Maran’s Argan oil. This is the latest to Josie’s,”Model Citizen” collection. I bought the Model Citizen Argan cleansing oil, Argan Oil, and the body butter. This collection has an amazing My favorite of them all is the Argan oil. It’s 100% organic, and it smells amazing! This oil is a great multitasker it can be used on your face,body,hair, and yes your nails also.

This new collection is scented with African Red Rooibos tea, and it smells amazing. The scent is very clean, and it does not overpower your senses. Daily I use Josie’s Argan Oil products. My skin use to be very dry, and itchy, and to be honest had issues with dandruff in the past. Since have been using Josie Maran Aragan oil’s my dandruff is a thing of past. My skin is also more hydrated.

Honestly the products are worth the price. Normally I buy my items from QVC, but also get them from Sephora, and directly from yes I am a male, and proud to use these items. Yes I am a product junkie! Have no issue admitting this. Just so you know I did pay for these items with my own money!

Another great aspect of Josie Argan oil is that it can be used in the bath too. Just find so many uses on my face, and skin. Yes I know many people freak out about using oil on their face, but try it. Be open to using the product. Josie’s Argan oil is cold pressed, and that means it retains all of the Omega fatty acids. Out bodies do not produce this naturally, and it’s important for health skin.

Now we need a fragrance in the line. Well that is about it for now. Please follow me on twitter @Terryb114


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