Fresh Guard by Efferdent product review.

Fresh Guard by Efferdent

A photo of Fresh Guard by Efferdent.

Hey good people. I am a member of a great program called Smiley360. At Smiley 360 we go on missions. We get to try new products, and share out thoughts. My very first mission is for Fresh Guard by Efferdent. It’s a product that allows you to clean your retainers, mouthguards, and removable braces. I was sent this product pictured above to try for FREE, and share my thoughts.

I use a mouthguard at night when sleeping. Of course your mouth builds up many nasty bacteria at night. Yuck! Right? In my kit received a pack of wipes, and cleansing crystals that form a soak. Both forms work very well. I do have a slight preference for the wipes as they are easy to keep with you, and travel with. Fresh Guard by Efferdent kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria.

It’s such an easy product to use!



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