Fitbit Flex: Wireless Wristband Track Activity + Sleep.

Just got the new Fitbit flex last week. The Fitbit flex is a wireless activity & sleep tracker. FItbit products are easily found at Target, Best Buy, Amazon & some Wal-Mart stores. The price is about 99.97 some places may have a sale on them, but that’s what I paid for mine. Fitbit flex comes with the activity+sleep tracker, a usb charger, a dongle to plug into your pc, and two bands. I got the slate gray color, but to me it looks blue. The box comes with a small & large band.

After you unbox your Fitbit it’s time to setup your profile on, and it’s really easy to do so. Hey if I can do it…anyone can do it. Was happily surprised at how easy it was to setup. First thing you may want to do is charge up the tracker. Put the tracker in  the charging cable. Think to fully charge it takes about three hours. If you have any questions the installation guide will help you, and it’s so easy. Make sure to keep your wireless synch dongle plugged into your computer.

The wristband is bit hard to get it on your wrist, but after few times you shall be use to it. It says you should wear the band all the time. I personally do not use it to track my sleep. Fitbits tracker has it’s pros, and cons. A pro is that it’s lightweight on your wrist, and once charged it last about a week. Con is that it does NOT have a heart rate monitor. Still yet another con is if you wear it while driving it will falsely record steps. A very positive pro is that your fitbit very easily syncs with your phone. I use a Sansung Galaxy S4, and it easily syncs no problem at all. The Fitbit Flex can be used with so many more phones versus the Nike FUelband.

If you want to get into the world of fitnessbands the Fitbit flex is good way to dip your toes into this world. Just do your homework, and make sure this is the right fit for you, and your life.Image

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