My free sample kit from Sample Source.

Happy Tuesday to all of you reading this blog post today. Today I want to talk to you about the free sample kit from Sample Source. Sample source’s tag line basically tells you what this awesome company is about,” Try before you buy!” Honestly I am not sure how often they have samples, but go ahead & sign up at that way you will be ready when samples are ready. They also have a Canadian site. I would strongly suggest you go ahead, and sign up so you can be ready when the free samples go live.

Yes Sample Source is 100% free. With Sample source you can try new products before you buy. Get this you don’t even pay for shipping it’s 100% free. Think another great aspect is that coupons come with your samples. Not only can you try a new product, but you also get a coupon WIN! Yeah I am a bit silly, but that’s ok. I just think it’s awesome that if you like a product they give you a coupon to buy a full sized product. Can it get any better than that?

While all the above mentioned is cool you want to know about my samples. Not everyone will get the same items, and think it’s based on your profile. Based on your profile your given a selection of free products, and you choose what you want to try. These are my samples. 1. Eight O’clock coffee in Dark Italian Espresso in a 1.75 OZ pouch, 2. Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser shampoo, conditioner, hair butter(think it’s a hair mask), 3. Tums Freshers antacids, 4. Tums chewy delights soft chews, 5. Breath Right strips. Please see the photos at the bottom.

Sample Source gives you a chance to try these products, and they will send out a survey to share your thoughts. I have not done the survey, but it’s a simple & easy program to understand. Was very excited to get my first FREE Sample kit. Thank you to the staff of Sample Source for sending out these sample kits. Please share your photos of what you got. Stay blessed, and thanks for reading. Oh forgot to take a photo of the breathe right strips on it’s own, but it’s in the picture of the entire kit. #SampleSource






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