Get some Layrite Pomade!

Many of my friends know I love hair products. I am a pomade junkie. My hair is very thick, curly & coarse texture. I find the best type of pomades for my hair type are the water based pomades. I do use other types of pomades, but the water based washes out easier, and just works better in my hair. What works for me may not work for you. If you have thick curly hair I would suggest a water based pomade.

Think there are many amazing pomades on the market. Yes I have lots, and lots of pomades. Today want to talk about Layrite Pomades. Layrite has three pomades in their product line & all of them are water based. They have Layrite original pomade, Layrite Super hold, and Layrite Super shine. I own all three. These pomades have a nice light vanilla scent. Honestly it’s just a clean nice scent, and not overpowering.

Best way to know the amount to use is to just play around with the product, and see what works best for you. When I style my hair in a pompadour use my finger to scoop some out twice. Then rub it between my hands. Next start working it through my hair with my hands, and then with wide tooth comb. When I know the Layrite had been evenly distributed  through my hair use a finer tooth comb to start styling it into my pomp. If you have straight hair you may want a very small round brush.

When styling my pompadour with Layrite start to get a good clean part. Next start coming my hair backwards to make sure all that great Layrite is coating my hair. Next start lifting up that hair with your finer tooth comb to form the pompadour. Honestly there are several ways to get the same look.

Love Layrite pomade as it helps me to style my hair in all sorts of styles. Yes I love it for the styles of 1930’s, 40’s & 50’s.  I like to mix one finger of the Layrite Super Hold with the Super Shine.  I know many people may not like the shiny look, but that’s how I like to wear my pompadour. Think one reason love Layrite pomade is that it’s made in the USA.  It is also cruelty free, and NOT tested on animals. They also ship fast & if you spend over 25$ they give you free 2-3 days shipping. Would also suggest buying the Layrite grooming spray.

Just so you know I did pay for these pomades with my own money. Was not given anything, and my thoughts are unbiased. Think do some more pomade reviews in future posts. Have a great day….


My Layrite pomades: Super Shine, Original Pomade & Super Hold


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