Maxboost Electron Mini 5600mAh portable power in the palm of your hand.

As many of you know I am a tech product junky. Love to try new products, and items. Today want to share my thoughts on Maxboost Electron Mini 5600mAh portable power device. Before I get into the review want to state that I was sent this product to test for free. Having said that I was not paid for my thoughts. In this blog I state my thoughts for better or worse, and it’s my honest thoughts. With all of that said let’s get into it.

Had no idea what item I was going to test, and in the mail was a small package. I opened the envelope to find a box & this is what it looked like.

So I opened the box to find a small shiny black rectangular shaped item with a micro USB cable. The Electron Mini USB battery weighs in at 4oz’s so it’s light. It’s so small it can fit in the palm of your hand. From looking at the small size you would think it’s not powerful, but you would be wrong. I was also very wrong.

With Maxboost Electron Mini 5600mAh you can start charging straight out of the box. The Electon Mini was fully charged to 100% right out of the box. First thing I charged was my IPAD 2, and it had only 5% power remaining. The Electron mini was able to fully charge my IPAD no problem. On another day charged my Samsung Galaxy 4 phone & my brothers IPhone 4s with no problem.

Only negative, and it’s small one is that the Electron Mini takes a long time to recharge, but that no big deal. Just charge it up before you go to sleep. The aspect I like best is the portability of the Maxboost Electron mini it’s great in your pocket, day bag, etc. Would also recommend buying few to have during bad weather.

The Electron Mini can charge so many items from MP3’s, Gaming Devices, Tablets, Smartphones, and digital cameras. Like the display on the Electron Mini it clearly displays both the current outputs & inputs visually. Plus it’s so easy to read with the bright display. Unlike other portable devices this product does NOT get hot to the touch. Would highly recommend this item. Maxboost has so many awesome products so you can go to to learn more.

Peter Thomas Roth: Firm x Peel & Firm Duo…

Recently I have been using Peter Thomas Roth Firm x Peel & Firm Duo. Bought it a while ago at Ulta. Not sure why, but in last two weeks started using it. It’s a two part system. Of course before using the peel & firm duo make sure your face is clean.

After cleansing your skin, and it’s dry it’s time to use your peel & firm duo. First step is the Peeling Gel. Take generous amount and work it in small circular motion. Make sure to leave on the skin at least five minutes. After five minutes rinse off the peeling gel with cool water. Next you will want to pat dry your face. Next you will follow with the growth factor serum.

Honestly I am no skin care expert, but love what it does for my skin. It just gives a fresher & renewed look to your skin. Like that it’s so easy to use, and gentle at the same time. I bought this kit for 49$, and it’s well worth the price. A small amount of both steps of the process goes a long way. Now the price of a full sized peeling gel is 48$ for a 3.4oz size. The Growth factor Serum for 1oz is 150$ yikes that’s pricey.


Would highly recommend trying this trial kit if it’s still for sale at the $49 price. I try my best to do trial kits first to make sure it wont hurt my pockets or cause irritation.

Wen by Chaz Dean: Summer 2014 Honey Peach Seasonal Collection

Summer is here, and it’s time for a new addition to the WEN seasonal collection. The scent for Summer 2014 is Summer Honey Peach. I paid for these products with my own money & the thoughts in this blog are my own. If you have any questions or  issues feel free to contact me via twitter at or just to say hello. If you disagree with any of my thoughts that is perfectly fine, but let’s be respectful & police please.

Upon hearing that Wen’s seasonal would be Summer Honey Peach was not sure what to think. At first was I was not excited about this seasonal scent. Honestly I am not a big peach type of person, and was afraid it would be sickeningly sweet. Still I know Chaz Dean works very hard along with his team on all of the scents. I decided to keep an open mind, and go on and make an order. From I ordered the Summer Honey Peach 32oz cleansing conditioner, nourishing mousse, and the styling cream. Just so you all know seasonal scents in the 32oz size are only available from I did also buy the Summer Honey Peach treatment oil & replenishing mist from as the prices were much better for my wallet.

Upon opening my cleansing conditioner & breathing deeply my thoughts had changed. Summer Honey Peach smells amazing. It is not to sweet & the scent is perfection. Yes it has the hints of Peaches & Honey, but they are harmoniously blended so that one note does not over power the other. It smells like summer in a wonderful bottle.  Chaz & his team did an excellent job in crafting this seasonal collection.


*** Above is the label to Wen’s Summer Honey Peach. ***

I use 8 pumps for my first cleanse, and 8 more for my second cleanse. My hair is very curly, thick & coarse and that is  the amount that works best for my hair. Now your hair may need more or less. Honestly you need to follow Chaz’s tips & then adjust what works best for your hair. Before leaving the shower I add an additional pump as a leave in treatment working from the back of my head to the front. Once again this is what works for my hair. After that process I love to add in the styling cream & once again work from the back of my head to the front. Lastly I end with the nourishing mousse. Not sure, but I believe this seasonal mousse is only available from yes 42.00 for a 7.5oz product is expensive, but you get what you pay for. Chaz’s mousse is a styling product, but it’s nourishing at the same time.


*** Pictured above are the Summer Honey Peach: cleansing conditioner, treatment mist, & the treatment oil. ***

One thing would like to recommend is adding Chaz’s Treatment Oils into your hair care routine. The treatment oils have improved the health & condition of my scalp & hair. Before using Wen my hair looked like a dandruff flaked mess, and was always itchy & dry. Since using Wen I no longer have these issues.


*** Above are the Wen Summer Honey Peach: Nourishing Mousse & Styling crème. ***

Very happy that I kept an open mind & went ahead & bought the new seasonal scent. Normally I am not a peach scent fan, but want you to understand this scent is balanced between the honey & peach. Of course I am sure Chaz & his team added in other scent notes to balance out the scent. I understand many of you say Wen is expensive, but sources such as help to make it more affordable. Yet another positive aspect about is they often have easy pay, and special deals. Would also suggest buying direct from Chaz’s site as they ship fast, and have great customer service. If you are ever having issues getting results from using WEN contact their customer service or go on social media.

I personally follow Chaz on twitter @CHAZDEAN & @wenbychazdean  these people are awesome. Would also suggest checking out Chaz’s Instagram for great photos. One of Chaz’s stylist  Anna Lee has a great twitter @_annalee_ her instagram is great too.

Well that’s about it for now. Thank you so much for reading my blog. Have a blessed rest of the week. Oh don’t forget to follow me on twitter.


Let’s talk about fragrances: Sharing a few of my favorite fragrances.

Yes I love to buy perfume/cologne. Some of us just call them scents or fragrances. Love to collect fragrances. Honestly I maybe have a few to many, but that me. Personally I don’t care if a fragrance is marketed at men or women; because I buy both. Yeah I am a male, and often wear Women’s fragrances. Normally I choose the scent that fits that days mood.

Don’t let a stores signage or staff tell you what you should wear based on gender. In the end a scent of fragrance is a very personal choice. If your a big burly man, and ladies fragrance appeals to you…Wear it! Fragrances can be expensive so keep them out of direct sunlight, and out of a hot bathroom. I buy fragrances from many places such as Sephora, Ulta, department stores. Yet another great source is online QVC, HSN, and are great sources as well as Ebay. One brand I like is Philosophy, and has awesome deals. I would also suggest going to a local store to try fragrances, and then shop online for the best prices.

Here are just a few of my favorite fragrances. Just wanted to share a few in this blog post. Philosophy’s Falling in Love, Jean Paul Gaultier’s Summer, Versus by Versace Blue Jeans, lastly Paul Smith’s Extreme. Check out the group photo of the fragrances below.


Paul Smith’s Extreme: This scent is masculine, but not in the old style. It’s very modern & zesty! It has hints of bergamot, lemon & vanilla. It’s a good fragrance that last all day. It smells good from the moment you spray it until you go to bed.
Paul Smith's Extreme

Jean Paul Gaultier Summer: This Men’s fragrance is on the sweet side. It has hints of lavender, vanilla, and mint. This sweetly scented fragrance whispers, and you will catch it’s scent as you go on through your day. Think this is the 2013 version. This is clean, sexy scent.

Philosophy’s Falling in Love: Got this Fragrance from QVC it came with a body wash, and lotion at an awesome price. This scent is aimed at the female market, but I love it, and wear it. It has slight berry hints, and floral notes. It’s a modern type of scent.
Falling in Love

Blue Jeans Versus by Versace: This scent is an oldie but a goodie, and been wearing it for a long time. It’s a scent I go back to again & again. It’s a scent that has staying power without being too strong. It smells really good when the scent has the cool down effect.
Blue Jeans

Please share with me some of your favorite scents. I love suggestions for new ones. Have a great week, and never forget how AMAZING you are.