Let’s talk about fragrances: Sharing a few of my favorite fragrances.

Yes I love to buy perfume/cologne. Some of us just call them scents or fragrances. Love to collect fragrances. Honestly I maybe have a few to many, but that me. Personally I don’t care if a fragrance is marketed at men or women; because I buy both. Yeah I am a male, and often wear Women’s fragrances. Normally I choose the scent that fits that days mood.

Don’t let a stores signage or staff tell you what you should wear based on gender. In the end a scent of fragrance is a very personal choice. If your a big burly man, and ladies fragrance appeals to you…Wear it! Fragrances can be expensive so keep them out of direct sunlight, and out of a hot bathroom. I buy fragrances from many places such as Sephora, Ulta, department stores. Yet another great source is online QVC, HSN, and Fragrance.com are great sources as well as Ebay. One brand I like is Philosophy, and http://www.qvc.com has awesome deals. I would also suggest going to a local store to try fragrances, and then shop online for the best prices.

Here are just a few of my favorite fragrances. Just wanted to share a few in this blog post. Philosophy’s Falling in Love, Jean Paul Gaultier’s Summer, Versus by Versace Blue Jeans, lastly Paul Smith’s Extreme. Check out the group photo of the fragrances below.


Paul Smith’s Extreme: This scent is masculine, but not in the old style. It’s very modern & zesty! It has hints of bergamot, lemon & vanilla. It’s a good fragrance that last all day. It smells good from the moment you spray it until you go to bed.
Paul Smith's Extreme

Jean Paul Gaultier Summer: This Men’s fragrance is on the sweet side. It has hints of lavender, vanilla, and mint. This sweetly scented fragrance whispers, and you will catch it’s scent as you go on through your day. Think this is the 2013 version. This is clean, sexy scent.

Philosophy’s Falling in Love: Got this Fragrance from QVC it came with a body wash, and lotion at an awesome price. This scent is aimed at the female market, but I love it, and wear it. It has slight berry hints, and floral notes. It’s a modern type of scent.
Falling in Love

Blue Jeans Versus by Versace: This scent is an oldie but a goodie, and been wearing it for a long time. It’s a scent I go back to again & again. It’s a scent that has staying power without being too strong. It smells really good when the scent has the cool down effect.
Blue Jeans

Please share with me some of your favorite scents. I love suggestions for new ones. Have a great week, and never forget how AMAZING you are.


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