Wen by Chaz Dean: Summer 2014 Honey Peach Seasonal Collection

Summer is here, and it’s time for a new addition to the WEN seasonal collection. The scent for Summer 2014 is Summer Honey Peach. I paid for these products with my own money & the thoughts in this blog are my own. If you have any questions or  issues feel free to contact me via twitter at https://twitter.com/TerryB114 or just to say hello. If you disagree with any of my thoughts that is perfectly fine, but let’s be respectful & police please.

Upon hearing that Wen’s seasonal would be Summer Honey Peach was not sure what to think. At first was I was not excited about this seasonal scent. Honestly I am not a big peach type of person, and was afraid it would be sickeningly sweet. Still I know Chaz Dean works very hard along with his team on all of the scents. I decided to keep an open mind, and go on and make an order. From http://www.Chazdean.com I ordered the Summer Honey Peach 32oz cleansing conditioner, nourishing mousse, and the styling cream. Just so you all know seasonal scents in the 32oz size are only available from http://www.chazdean.com. I did also buy the Summer Honey Peach treatment oil & replenishing mist from http://www.Qvc.com as the prices were much better for my wallet.

Upon opening my cleansing conditioner & breathing deeply my thoughts had changed. Summer Honey Peach smells amazing. It is not to sweet & the scent is perfection. Yes it has the hints of Peaches & Honey, but they are harmoniously blended so that one note does not over power the other. It smells like summer in a wonderful bottle.  Chaz & his team did an excellent job in crafting this seasonal collection.


*** Above is the label to Wen’s Summer Honey Peach. ***

I use 8 pumps for my first cleanse, and 8 more for my second cleanse. My hair is very curly, thick & coarse and that is  the amount that works best for my hair. Now your hair may need more or less. Honestly you need to follow Chaz’s tips & then adjust what works best for your hair. Before leaving the shower I add an additional pump as a leave in treatment working from the back of my head to the front. Once again this is what works for my hair. After that process I love to add in the styling cream & once again work from the back of my head to the front. Lastly I end with the nourishing mousse. Not sure, but I believe this seasonal mousse is only available from http://www.Chazdean.com yes 42.00 for a 7.5oz product is expensive, but you get what you pay for. Chaz’s mousse is a styling product, but it’s nourishing at the same time.


*** Pictured above are the Summer Honey Peach: cleansing conditioner, treatment mist, & the treatment oil. ***

One thing would like to recommend is adding Chaz’s Treatment Oils into your hair care routine. The treatment oils have improved the health & condition of my scalp & hair. Before using Wen my hair looked like a dandruff flaked mess, and was always itchy & dry. Since using Wen I no longer have these issues.


*** Above are the Wen Summer Honey Peach: Nourishing Mousse & Styling crème. ***

Very happy that I kept an open mind & went ahead & bought the new seasonal scent. Normally I am not a peach scent fan, but want you to understand this scent is balanced between the honey & peach. Of course I am sure Chaz & his team added in other scent notes to balance out the scent. I understand many of you say Wen is expensive, but sources such as http://www.Qvc.com help to make it more affordable. Yet another positive aspect about http://www.Qvc.com is they often have easy pay, and special deals. Would also suggest buying direct from Chaz’s site http://www.chazdean.com as they ship fast, and have great customer service. If you are ever having issues getting results from using WEN contact their customer service or go on social media.

I personally follow Chaz on twitter @CHAZDEAN & @wenbychazdean  these people are awesome. Would also suggest checking out Chaz’s Instagram for great photos. One of Chaz’s stylist  Anna Lee has a great twitter @_annalee_ her instagram is great too.

Well that’s about it for now. Thank you so much for reading my blog. Have a blessed rest of the week. Oh don’t forget to follow me on twitter.



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