Peter Thomas Roth: Firm x Peel & Firm Duo…

Recently I have been using Peter Thomas Roth Firm x Peel & Firm Duo. Bought it a while ago at Ulta. Not sure why, but in last two weeks started using it. It’s a two part system. Of course before using the peel & firm duo make sure your face is clean.

After cleansing your skin, and it’s dry it’s time to use your peel & firm duo. First step is the Peeling Gel. Take generous amount and work it in small circular motion. Make sure to leave on the skin at least five minutes. After five minutes rinse off the peeling gel with cool water. Next you will want to pat dry your face. Next you will follow with the growth factor serum.

Honestly I am no skin care expert, but love what it does for my skin. It just gives a fresher & renewed look to your skin. Like that it’s so easy to use, and gentle at the same time. I bought this kit for 49$, and it’s well worth the price. A small amount of both steps of the process goes a long way. Now the price of a full sized peeling gel is 48$ for a 3.4oz size. The Growth factor Serum for 1oz is 150$ yikes that’s pricey.


Would highly recommend trying this trial kit if it’s still for sale at the $49 price. I try my best to do trial kits first to make sure it wont hurt my pockets or cause irritation.


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