Maxboost Electron Mini 5600mAh portable power in the palm of your hand.

As many of you know I am a tech product junky. Love to try new products, and items. Today want to share my thoughts on Maxboost Electron Mini 5600mAh portable power device. Before I get into the review want to state that I was sent this product to test for free. Having said that I was not paid for my thoughts. In this blog I state my thoughts for better or worse, and it’s my honest thoughts. With all of that said let’s get into it.

Had no idea what item I was going to test, and in the mail was a small package. I opened the envelope to find a box & this is what it looked like.

So I opened the box to find a small shiny black rectangular shaped item with a micro USB cable. The Electron Mini USB battery weighs in at 4oz’s so it’s light. It’s so small it can fit in the palm of your hand. From looking at the small size you would think it’s not powerful, but you would be wrong. I was also very wrong.

With Maxboost Electron Mini 5600mAh you can start charging straight out of the box. The Electon Mini was fully charged to 100% right out of the box. First thing I charged was my IPAD 2, and it had only 5% power remaining. The Electron mini was able to fully charge my IPAD no problem. On another day charged my Samsung Galaxy 4 phone & my brothers IPhone 4s with no problem.

Only negative, and it’s small one is that the Electron Mini takes a long time to recharge, but that no big deal. Just charge it up before you go to sleep. The aspect I like best is the portability of the Maxboost Electron mini it’s great in your pocket, day bag, etc. Would also recommend buying few to have during bad weather.

The Electron Mini can charge so many items from MP3’s, Gaming Devices, Tablets, Smartphones, and digital cameras. Like the display on the Electron Mini it clearly displays both the current outputs & inputs visually. Plus it’s so easy to read with the bright display. Unlike other portable devices this product does NOT get hot to the touch. Would highly recommend this item. Maxboost has so many awesome products so you can go to to learn more.


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