Glossy Box for July 2014….

Last week my Glossy Box for July 2014 had arrived at my home. I had just reactivated my monthly subscription to Glossy Box. Each month it is my goal to share with you what came in my Glossy Box.

Glossy Box is a monthly beauty subscription box that is 21$ with shipping included. In each monthly box you shall receive five luxury products. While the products are called samples many are very generous sized products. Yet another great aspect to Glossy Box is that for each product you can review said product at & each review gives you points The points are actually called glossydots. Glossydots can be exchanged for a free Glossy Box.

Having said all of that I feel Glossy Box is a good value. They send you a tracking number after your box has shipped. I feel it’s a great way to try new products. With all of that out of the way lets get to July’s Glossy Box.


The above photo is of my Glossy Box. No I am not an expert at taking photos, but do the best I can. Sorry if my photos are not the best or the most creative.

I was so excited that reactivated my subscription to Glossy Box as there are some amazing products this month. Products are Mitchel & Peach Body Cream, Philip B PH Restorative Detangling mist, Skin Inc brighting serum, Malin + Goetz Mojito lip balm, and Glam Glow youthmud.

Mitchell & Peach Body Cream: This body cream has a nice very light floral scent. Like that this body cream absorbs quickly into the skin with no greasy feeling. This body cream does leave your skin feeling hydrated all day. Loved this product as it’s scent is fresh & light.

Philip B Detangling toning mist: This product has no real scent to it which is a good thing. It does help to deal with tangels, but do feel other cheaper products could do the same. This is a product may not buy.

Skin Inc brightening serum: I have been using this product for a week, and can see positive results. It’s called a brightening serum, but I feel it just makes my skin look fresher. The texture of my skin looks smoother also. I would buy a full sized product from Skin Inc. Loved this serum.

Malin + Goetz mojito lip balm: This lip balm is nice. It has a slight tooth paste type of scent to it. Is it an amazing lip balm? Not so much. Feel that there are lots of drug store lip balms that are just as good for cheaper. Save your money on this product.

Glam Glow youth mud: Love this product. Love it! I love it! Love the feeling of this mud, and never experienced any product like it before. After the first use your skin will look better. Love the feeling of it on the skin, and the texture. This product is a game changer in the beauty mud area. The fully sized products are on the expensive side, but you need a small amount. I will buy a fully sized Glam glow product.

Just want to thank you for reading my blog. I enjoy trying new products, and share my honest thoughts. I pay for this product with my own money, and the thoughts are my own. Have a blessed week..

Dial Coconut Water Body Wash Refreshing Mango Review & Free Giveaway.

Happy Saturday to all of you reading this. Today I will be doing a product review for Dial’s Coconut Water Body Wash Refreshing Mango Scent. The Dial company did send me a sample of the product in exchange for a product review. All opinions expressed here are my own views. Now that that bit of fun is out of the way.. On to the review.

This week I have been exclusively using Dial’s New Coconut Water Body Wash in the Refreshing Mango scent. I have used Dial’s products in the past, and was excited to try this new product.

Upon flipping open the cap you can smell the mango. The scent is heavenly, and it’s not overpowering. Truly this body wash is a sensorial delight. Feel that this scent will appeal to both men & women. I feel this scent will speak to people of all ages. This scent is true to what a fresh mango smells like, and that I love. When I use this body wash feel as if I am on a vacation.

Dial’s Coconut Water Body Wash hydrates your skin. After your shower your skin does not feel tight or itchy. When showering I use a pouf, and honestly a little goes a very long way. After using this body wash I do not need any sort of body butter or lotion. My skin feels hydrated all day long. This body wash has an amazing rich lather. If you want healthy skin get Dial’s Coconut Water Refreshing Mango body wash.

I shall be doing a giveaway on this blog & on my twitter. On my blog make a comment, and one person will shall win a coupon for a free product. Shall also do a coupon giveaway on my twitter so follow make sure to click the link & best comment will get a coupon for a free product.

Thanks so much for reading my blog, and have blessed weekend.

Project Runway Season 13 Episode 2: The Judges Decide

Hard to think we are on Season 13 of, “Project Runway.” Episode 2 was titled, “The Judges Decide.” In this 13th season 18 designers arrive in New York, but only 15 will make the cast. A designer from a previous season was voted on by the fans of the show, and that designer shall be the 16th cast member.

These 18 designers must show some of their creations to Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, & Zac Posen. The judges will decide which designers will make up the final cast. Each designer shall display his or her work & have a short Q&A with the judges. Sadly Tim Navarro, Nzinga Knight, & Emmanuel Tobias were eliminated.

First design challenge was to create one look that could reflect the designers spring collection. A big black box was on each designers table with three fabrics, and these fabrics must be used in the design. Tim Gunn did say that the designers could trade their fabrics.

I am most excited about Fade Zu Grau, Kini Zamora, Sandhya Garg, and Char Glover. Excited to see what these designers will create this season. I will give my thoughts on each designers creations. Click this link the content is from Lifetime Tv’s website. Please read my thoughts on each designers creation.

Alexander: Liked the contrast of the fabrics. Just felt his design was lacking in some way. Alexander’s first creation slightly reminded me of something from Comme des Garcons would create. Was it amazing no, but would like to see what he shall create. pr13-rr-ep1-ak-f

Amanda: Her creation was well designed & had an edge to it. Amanda’s design was very clean & well made. Feel the lighter gray diamond shapes could have been omitted. This creation gave me a feeling of the designer Daryl K. pr13-rr-ep1-av-f

Angela: Had lots of ideas, and maybe to many ideas. Think the viewer had almost to much to look at, and far to much design detail. Loved the elegance & ease of her top, but the pants distracted from the entire look of the ensemble. Clearly this girl has lots of talent, but she needs to be more focused. pr13-rr-ep1-as-f

Carrie: Loved the print used in Carrie’s design, but it seems reflective of some of her past works. Think Carrie’s creation has a futuristic vibe to her designs, but wondering if this is all she can do. Was her design cool? Of course it was, but what else can she design? pr13-rr-ep1-cs-f

Char: Let me be honest I am LOVING CHAR! Char’s first creation was amazing. She was able to work draping, volume , color & detail in one creation. Char was able to have a design that was sultry & sexy without being trashy. Oh so excited to see what Char will create this season. pr13-rr-ep1-cg-f

Emily: I was surprised by Emily’s first design. Her past works have a very cool edgy quality, and was let down by her first design of the season. It was drab & bit sad. Had she done the bustier with just a pair of pants…. pr13-rr-ep1-ep-f

Fade: Love this guy! This guy seems like so much fun, and I adore him. Loved how he used the contrasting prints in one cohesive design. In some ways I was shocked at how demure & ladylike his design was. Fade’s creation was very refined, and I was surprised. His past works are so fun, cute, lively & bold. Have high expectations for Fade. pr13-rr-ep1-fzg-f

Hernan: This design was sexy, and bit to tight. Felt it was slightly on the sluty side & felt like a dress from Wet Seal. pr13-rr-ep1-hl-f

Jefferson: This design was awful. The shorts were to short as well as the top. It just did not work for me. pr13-rr-ep1-jm-f

Kini: Kini’s first design was fun, and colorful just like the designer. It was fun & flirty, but it was safe! pr13-rr-ep1-kz-f

Korina: Wow! Korina’s first design was sexy & classy at the same time. Excited to see what else she shall design this season. pr13-rr-ep1-ke-f

Kristine: This first design was safe. Felt it had more of a resort wear feeling, and not really a spring design. Of course we all have an idea of what a spring design is. It was not bad, but was not loving it. That model was JANKY! pr13-rr-ep1-kg-f

Mitchell: Oh my this design was tacky! It looked like a student project! From looking at his past works it’s clear he has talent. Felt let down by this design. pr13-rr-ep1-mp-f

Samantha: What a chic well executed design. Samantha has an amazing body of work. Think it was slightly on the safe side, but she is still in the competition. pr13-rr-ep1-sp-f_0

Sandhya: This design was bold & beautiful. It reminds me of something Vivienne Westwood might have created. Like that she has elements of her culture in her designs while not being cliché. Shoulder detail in Sandhya design was a bit much, but hey it’s a runway piece. pr13-rr-ep1-sg-f

Sean: Wow WOW! Loved how the geometric design detail in his dress. It was so cool, chic, & modern. It was also clean & very fresh. Excited to watch him this season. pr13-rr-ep1-sk-f

This weeks winner was Sandhya, and Jefferson was eliminated.

MoroccanOil Ceramic Ionic Round Brush….get one.

Recently went to have my hair cut for a new summer style. I asked to have a faded pompadour style. My hair is naturally very coarse & curly. After my hair was cut my stylist sprayed my hair with a heat protectant spray, and started using a small round brush. The brush was by Moroccanoil & it’s a 1 inch ionic ceramic round brush.

This brush is amazing. It helped to loosen my tightly curled hair, and also make it shiny. Normally my hair is hard to straighten, but with the help of this brush my stylist was able to achieve the look I wanted.

I knew this brush was awesome, and my stylist sells it for about 25$, but thought could find it cheaper on line, and I did. Happily found the same 1 inch brush on amazon for only 14.95. Here is the link, but can’t recall if shipping was free or not. Still the seller shipped it very QUICKLY!

This brush has ionic properties which repels water which helps your hair to dry faster so less heat. Less heat is a good thing! The ions also help in conditioning the hair & making it shiny. My hair is very dark & normally never had any sort of shine to it. At first I was afraid the brush would get stuck in my hair, but it didn’t. Even I am able to get the same results at home. The ceramic part of the brush helps it to have a more consistent heat.

Regardless of your hair type these MoroccanOil Ceramic Ionic round brushes can help you to achieve more styles. Like the overall look of my hair thanks to this brush. I have been using this brush for two weeks. Notice less frizz, and more shine to my hair. Would highly recommend this line of brushes. Now you may want to do a google search to see if you can find them any cheaper.



Tips for traveling with a partner, family or friends.

One of my many loves is travel. Often I travel alone, and that works for me. Honestly you do not really know a person until you travel with them. Traveling with a partner, family, or friends can be an eye opening experience. Traveling can bring out the best or worst in your relationship. Taking a trip with someone can make or break your relationship.

Each of us would like to think we know our partner, family & friends oh so well, and that you know what to expect. Well expect the unexpected when traveling with another person. While trips should be fun, and relaxing often you can experience high stress.

Traveling solo is a breeze! What you do & when you do it is your choice. When traveling with another person keep these tips in mind.

* Do your homework: Before leaving for your trip each person should do their homework. Make up lists of the places you want to see, and things you want to do. It’s important to know what things cost, and that way you have a budget in mind. Get together with your travel partner or partners & plan, plan, and plan some more.

* Pick travel buddies wisely: If you are a budget traveler don’t try, and travel with a diva… it just won’t work. Expectations will clash, and someone will not be happy. Having shared interests helps. If you love museums, and your partner doesn’t then fights will ensue.

* Itinerary planning: Each traveler should be responsible for one day of traveling. Nothing can ruin a trip like one person feeling responsible for the fun of the people traveling with them. Traveling should not feel like a duty or a job. Each person in the travel group must plan a day, and no one should fuss or complain about the days agenda.

* Don’t be fussy or difficult: When traveling with a partner or group it’s important to compromise. Just remember your not alone, and it’s not just about you.

* Help your friends prepare: Not everyone has your travel experience, and your partner or members of the group may need help. Let them know that lines are long in Paris, London or Tokyo. Give advice on what to pack, and what to bring.

* Bring snacks: Yes it sounds silly, but nothing can ruin a trip more than a hungry grumpy person.

* Rest: I understand when traveling each of you want to see, and do many things, but a tired traveler is not a good traveler. Make sure to rest when needed. Nothing wrong with taking a coffee break, and resting your feet.

* Avoid mixing money: Each person needs to be responsible for his or her own money. Think it’s important to setup ground rules, about money. Lending money & holding another person money can create tension.

Well those are just a few tips for traveling with a partner, family or friends. Traveling with another person can be a great experience, but it has also ruined relationships.


The London Eye a must see attraction.

As many of you know London is one of my favorite places to visit. This city has so much to offer it’s not possible to see & do everything in one visit. London is a city that is mindful of it’s past, but also looks towards the future.

London has numerous museums & things to see, and do. I am a museum junky, but London has so much more to offer. The London Eye is kind of like a giant Ferris wheel located on South Bank of the River Thames in London.

The London Eye is about 443ft tall. It was constructed in 1999 & currently it’s Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel. It has 32 passenger capsules & one capsule can hold about 25 passengers.

Honestly tickets are not cheap. If you buy a ticket the day of your visit the price is 29.50gpb for an adult which is about 50$. Still the views are amazing, and I feel it’s worth the price. Now you can save some, by ordering your tickets in advance online. However make sure you don’t miss your set day.

I did have lots of wonderful photos, but the card was damaged. Hopefully you can enjoy the videos. No I am not a photographer or videographer. Wish I was better at making videos, but hey I’m working on it.

London is a very flat city, and on a clear day you can see for miles. Luckily on the day I visited it was a clear beautiful day. It was fun, and exciting experience to have. Hopefully you will want to visit the London Eye.

The lines to see London Eye are very long, and if you have small children would suggest booking your tickets online. Since I have no children bought my tickets the same day. It was worth every penny to see the views & have the experience.