The London Eye a must see attraction.

As many of you know London is one of my favorite places to visit. This city has so much to offer it’s not possible to see & do everything in one visit. London is a city that is mindful of it’s past, but also looks towards the future.

London has numerous museums & things to see, and do. I am a museum junky, but London has so much more to offer. The London Eye is kind of like a giant Ferris wheel located on South Bank of the River Thames in London.

The London Eye is about 443ft tall. It was constructed in 1999 & currently it’s Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel. It has 32 passenger capsules & one capsule can hold about 25 passengers.

Honestly tickets are not cheap. If you buy a ticket the day of your visit the price is 29.50gpb for an adult which is about 50$. Still the views are amazing, and I feel it’s worth the price. Now you can save some, by ordering your tickets in advance online. However make sure you don’t miss your set day.

I did have lots of wonderful photos, but the card was damaged. Hopefully you can enjoy the videos. No I am not a photographer or videographer. Wish I was better at making videos, but hey I’m working on it.

London is a very flat city, and on a clear day you can see for miles. Luckily on the day I visited it was a clear beautiful day. It was fun, and exciting experience to have. Hopefully you will want to visit the London Eye.

The lines to see London Eye are very long, and if you have small children would suggest booking your tickets online. Since I have no children bought my tickets the same day. It was worth every penny to see the views & have the experience.


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