Tips for traveling with a partner, family or friends.

One of my many loves is travel. Often I travel alone, and that works for me. Honestly you do not really know a person until you travel with them. Traveling with a partner, family, or friends can be an eye opening experience. Traveling can bring out the best or worst in your relationship. Taking a trip with someone can make or break your relationship.

Each of us would like to think we know our partner, family & friends oh so well, and that you know what to expect. Well expect the unexpected when traveling with another person. While trips should be fun, and relaxing often you can experience high stress.

Traveling solo is a breeze! What you do & when you do it is your choice. When traveling with another person keep these tips in mind.

* Do your homework: Before leaving for your trip each person should do their homework. Make up lists of the places you want to see, and things you want to do. It’s important to know what things cost, and that way you have a budget in mind. Get together with your travel partner or partners & plan, plan, and plan some more.

* Pick travel buddies wisely: If you are a budget traveler don’t try, and travel with a diva… it just won’t work. Expectations will clash, and someone will not be happy. Having shared interests helps. If you love museums, and your partner doesn’t then fights will ensue.

* Itinerary planning: Each traveler should be responsible for one day of traveling. Nothing can ruin a trip like one person feeling responsible for the fun of the people traveling with them. Traveling should not feel like a duty or a job. Each person in the travel group must plan a day, and no one should fuss or complain about the days agenda.

* Don’t be fussy or difficult: When traveling with a partner or group it’s important to compromise. Just remember your not alone, and it’s not just about you.

* Help your friends prepare: Not everyone has your travel experience, and your partner or members of the group may need help. Let them know that lines are long in Paris, London or Tokyo. Give advice on what to pack, and what to bring.

* Bring snacks: Yes it sounds silly, but nothing can ruin a trip more than a hungry grumpy person.

* Rest: I understand when traveling each of you want to see, and do many things, but a tired traveler is not a good traveler. Make sure to rest when needed. Nothing wrong with taking a coffee break, and resting your feet.

* Avoid mixing money: Each person needs to be responsible for his or her own money. Think it’s important to setup ground rules, about money. Lending money & holding another person money can create tension.

Well those are just a few tips for traveling with a partner, family or friends. Traveling with another person can be a great experience, but it has also ruined relationships.



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