MoroccanOil Ceramic Ionic Round Brush….get one.

Recently went to have my hair cut for a new summer style. I asked to have a faded pompadour style. My hair is naturally very coarse & curly. After my hair was cut my stylist sprayed my hair with a heat protectant spray, and started using a small round brush. The brush was by Moroccanoil & it’s a 1 inch ionic ceramic round brush.

This brush is amazing. It helped to loosen my tightly curled hair, and also make it shiny. Normally my hair is hard to straighten, but with the help of this brush my stylist was able to achieve the look I wanted.

I knew this brush was awesome, and my stylist sells it for about 25$, but thought could find it cheaper on line, and I did. Happily found the same 1 inch brush on amazon for only 14.95. Here is the link, but can’t recall if shipping was free or not. Still the seller shipped it very QUICKLY!

This brush has ionic properties which repels water which helps your hair to dry faster so less heat. Less heat is a good thing! The ions also help in conditioning the hair & making it shiny. My hair is very dark & normally never had any sort of shine to it. At first I was afraid the brush would get stuck in my hair, but it didn’t. Even I am able to get the same results at home. The ceramic part of the brush helps it to have a more consistent heat.

Regardless of your hair type these MoroccanOil Ceramic Ionic round brushes can help you to achieve more styles. Like the overall look of my hair thanks to this brush. I have been using this brush for two weeks. Notice less frizz, and more shine to my hair. Would highly recommend this line of brushes. Now you may want to do a google search to see if you can find them any cheaper.




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