Project Runway Season 13 Episode 2: The Judges Decide

Hard to think we are on Season 13 of, “Project Runway.” Episode 2 was titled, “The Judges Decide.” In this 13th season 18 designers arrive in New York, but only 15 will make the cast. A designer from a previous season was voted on by the fans of the show, and that designer shall be the 16th cast member.

These 18 designers must show some of their creations to Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, & Zac Posen. The judges will decide which designers will make up the final cast. Each designer shall display his or her work & have a short Q&A with the judges. Sadly Tim Navarro, Nzinga Knight, & Emmanuel Tobias were eliminated.

First design challenge was to create one look that could reflect the designers spring collection. A big black box was on each designers table with three fabrics, and these fabrics must be used in the design. Tim Gunn did say that the designers could trade their fabrics.

I am most excited about Fade Zu Grau, Kini Zamora, Sandhya Garg, and Char Glover. Excited to see what these designers will create this season. I will give my thoughts on each designers creations. Click this link the content is from Lifetime Tv’s website. Please read my thoughts on each designers creation.

Alexander: Liked the contrast of the fabrics. Just felt his design was lacking in some way. Alexander’s first creation slightly reminded me of something from Comme des Garcons would create. Was it amazing no, but would like to see what he shall create. pr13-rr-ep1-ak-f

Amanda: Her creation was well designed & had an edge to it. Amanda’s design was very clean & well made. Feel the lighter gray diamond shapes could have been omitted. This creation gave me a feeling of the designer Daryl K. pr13-rr-ep1-av-f

Angela: Had lots of ideas, and maybe to many ideas. Think the viewer had almost to much to look at, and far to much design detail. Loved the elegance & ease of her top, but the pants distracted from the entire look of the ensemble. Clearly this girl has lots of talent, but she needs to be more focused. pr13-rr-ep1-as-f

Carrie: Loved the print used in Carrie’s design, but it seems reflective of some of her past works. Think Carrie’s creation has a futuristic vibe to her designs, but wondering if this is all she can do. Was her design cool? Of course it was, but what else can she design? pr13-rr-ep1-cs-f

Char: Let me be honest I am LOVING CHAR! Char’s first creation was amazing. She was able to work draping, volume , color & detail in one creation. Char was able to have a design that was sultry & sexy without being trashy. Oh so excited to see what Char will create this season. pr13-rr-ep1-cg-f

Emily: I was surprised by Emily’s first design. Her past works have a very cool edgy quality, and was let down by her first design of the season. It was drab & bit sad. Had she done the bustier with just a pair of pants…. pr13-rr-ep1-ep-f

Fade: Love this guy! This guy seems like so much fun, and I adore him. Loved how he used the contrasting prints in one cohesive design. In some ways I was shocked at how demure & ladylike his design was. Fade’s creation was very refined, and I was surprised. His past works are so fun, cute, lively & bold. Have high expectations for Fade. pr13-rr-ep1-fzg-f

Hernan: This design was sexy, and bit to tight. Felt it was slightly on the sluty side & felt like a dress from Wet Seal. pr13-rr-ep1-hl-f

Jefferson: This design was awful. The shorts were to short as well as the top. It just did not work for me. pr13-rr-ep1-jm-f

Kini: Kini’s first design was fun, and colorful just like the designer. It was fun & flirty, but it was safe! pr13-rr-ep1-kz-f

Korina: Wow! Korina’s first design was sexy & classy at the same time. Excited to see what else she shall design this season. pr13-rr-ep1-ke-f

Kristine: This first design was safe. Felt it had more of a resort wear feeling, and not really a spring design. Of course we all have an idea of what a spring design is. It was not bad, but was not loving it. That model was JANKY! pr13-rr-ep1-kg-f

Mitchell: Oh my this design was tacky! It looked like a student project! From looking at his past works it’s clear he has talent. Felt let down by this design. pr13-rr-ep1-mp-f

Samantha: What a chic well executed design. Samantha has an amazing body of work. Think it was slightly on the safe side, but she is still in the competition. pr13-rr-ep1-sp-f_0

Sandhya: This design was bold & beautiful. It reminds me of something Vivienne Westwood might have created. Like that she has elements of her culture in her designs while not being cliché. Shoulder detail in Sandhya design was a bit much, but hey it’s a runway piece. pr13-rr-ep1-sg-f

Sean: Wow WOW! Loved how the geometric design detail in his dress. It was so cool, chic, & modern. It was also clean & very fresh. Excited to watch him this season. pr13-rr-ep1-sk-f

This weeks winner was Sandhya, and Jefferson was eliminated.


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