Glossy Box for July 2014….

Last week my Glossy Box for July 2014 had arrived at my home. I had just reactivated my monthly subscription to Glossy Box. Each month it is my goal to share with you what came in my Glossy Box.

Glossy Box is a monthly beauty subscription box that is 21$ with shipping included. In each monthly box you shall receive five luxury products. While the products are called samples many are very generous sized products. Yet another great aspect to Glossy Box is that for each product you can review said product at & each review gives you points The points are actually called glossydots. Glossydots can be exchanged for a free Glossy Box.

Having said all of that I feel Glossy Box is a good value. They send you a tracking number after your box has shipped. I feel it’s a great way to try new products. With all of that out of the way lets get to July’s Glossy Box.


The above photo is of my Glossy Box. No I am not an expert at taking photos, but do the best I can. Sorry if my photos are not the best or the most creative.

I was so excited that reactivated my subscription to Glossy Box as there are some amazing products this month. Products are Mitchel & Peach Body Cream, Philip B PH Restorative Detangling mist, Skin Inc brighting serum, Malin + Goetz Mojito lip balm, and Glam Glow youthmud.

Mitchell & Peach Body Cream: This body cream has a nice very light floral scent. Like that this body cream absorbs quickly into the skin with no greasy feeling. This body cream does leave your skin feeling hydrated all day. Loved this product as it’s scent is fresh & light.

Philip B Detangling toning mist: This product has no real scent to it which is a good thing. It does help to deal with tangels, but do feel other cheaper products could do the same. This is a product may not buy.

Skin Inc brightening serum: I have been using this product for a week, and can see positive results. It’s called a brightening serum, but I feel it just makes my skin look fresher. The texture of my skin looks smoother also. I would buy a full sized product from Skin Inc. Loved this serum.

Malin + Goetz mojito lip balm: This lip balm is nice. It has a slight tooth paste type of scent to it. Is it an amazing lip balm? Not so much. Feel that there are lots of drug store lip balms that are just as good for cheaper. Save your money on this product.

Glam Glow youth mud: Love this product. Love it! I love it! Love the feeling of this mud, and never experienced any product like it before. After the first use your skin will look better. Love the feeling of it on the skin, and the texture. This product is a game changer in the beauty mud area. The fully sized products are on the expensive side, but you need a small amount. I will buy a fully sized Glam glow product.

Just want to thank you for reading my blog. I enjoy trying new products, and share my honest thoughts. I pay for this product with my own money, and the thoughts are my own. Have a blessed week..


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