Traveling this Autumn in Europe..

Most of you know that traveling is a great love of mine. I find that when you travel you force yourself to come out of your comfort zone, and that is a great thing. Think traveling does open up your mind to new ways of thinking & living.

This Autumn I will be traveling in Europe. Honestly I would like to travel in the Summer season, but prices are just to high during Summer. Yet another down side to traveling in Summer season are the crowds.

Most likely I shall start my trip off in Berlin, German. Luckily I have a friend in Berlin to hang out with & stay with. My friend Michael is a local so he knows all of the great places to eat & shop. Currently I am still in process of planning my trip, and not sure where else I shall visit.

Whilst in Berlin there are some must see sites for any & all tourist & here are just few that I plan to visit.

Brandenburg Gate: The Brandenburg Gate is in Berlin’s city center. It was a former city gate it was built as a sign of peace. Think many if not all tourist make a visit to this historical spot.

Berlin Cathedral: The Berlin Cathedral known also as, “Berliner Dom” is yet another must visit place. Now admission to the, “Berliner Dom” is 7 euros & that is about 9$. I would recommend the audio guide which is 3 euros. I say get the most out of your trip & get the audio guide.


Those are just two places I plan to visit. If you have any must see places to visit…please leave a comment to this blog post. Now I will be investing money in a Berlin pass. The Berlin Pass is a travel card like the London or Paris pass. Price is 71.10 euro for a 2 day or 83.70 euro for a 3 day pass. This pass gives you admission to Berlin’s top attractions. If you wish here is a link to get one for yourself.

Honestly I wish had a travel companion. Being on a long flight or train rides alone sucks. Having said that you can see, and do what you wish on your own time. Plus no dealing with any hard to please people.

Still I am not sure where else shall be traveling. Sweden is another place I would love to visit, but understand it’s very expensive in Sweden. I would love to meet some locals to hang out with in Sweden.

What I would like to know is what are your travel plans? Do you travel alone what are the positives & negatives for you? If you travel with friends or family what positive or negative aspects of that sort of travel. I would also love to hear some of your travel stories or experiences.

Stay blessed…


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