Project Runway S13 Ep3 Welcome to the future.

In a quick recap we saw last weeks challenge winner Amanda Valentine & last weeks eliminated designer Carrie Sleutskaya.

Now we are on to a new week & a new challenge. It’s early morning & the designers are discussing last weeks challenge. Angela was feeling upset over the results of last weeks challenge & her critic. Shawn was speaking about how disappointing it was to get so close to a challenge win only to have another designer win.

Back at the runway staging area the designers gather to learn about their new challenge. Above the runway are various covers of, “Marie Claire” magazine. Of course the designers are excited for a new challenge. Tim Gunn introduces Anne Fulenwider the Editor-In-Chief, “Marie Claire.”

This weeks challenge is the designers should be inspired by their past, but to create a look that appear in, “Marie Claire” 20 years in the future. Challenge should be a design viewed through their own design aesthetic. It will be a one day challenge, and the designers first trip to mood. Each designer will have a 200$ budget.

The 14 remaining designers have 30 minutes to sketch out their design ideas. Sandya feels lots of recycling of material will be involved in her design future. Mitchell’s concept is based around environment & it’s effect on fashion & life. Angela’s concept is based on reworking the restrictive nature of corporate America’s business attire. Emily’s concept was based on a previous design from the 90’s loosed based on the, ” Ewok Hooide.” Tim alerts the designers that design time is up & it’s off to Mood.

While at Mood Tim tells the designers they have a 200$ budget & 45 minutes to shop. The designers all scatter about Mood in the process of fabric selection. Amanda feels she has an advantage over the other designers having been to mood, and knowing the store layout. This chick is starting to annoy me. With only 1 minute remaining in the shopping process the designers are running around the store. With shopping time over all 14 designers & Tim head back to the workroom.

Back at the workroom the designers are shocked about photos of them dating back to 1994. Now the designers get to work in the construction process of their garments. Early on I am concerned about Alexander’s fabric selection. Possibly Alexander could have a hot mess on his hands. Still we shall find out later. It would appear that many of the designers have a similar design concept in mind.

Tim enters the workroom for his critic. First up is Sean. Sean feels his future is a future of minimalism. Tim feels Sean’s design could be, “very chic.” Next up is Angela. It’s Angela’s desire to revamp the corporate workers business suits. Tim looks concerned & slightly perplexed from his chat with Angela. Mitchell feels the future is a wet future. The camera pans to Mitchell’s design. Tim ask about fabric, and Mitchell remarks he’s using neoprene. Tim feels that Mitchell’s design looks slightly messy, and that the bubble skirt looks to much like a skating costume. Tim checks in with the other designers, and then it’s time for some commercials.

Finally it’s time for the runway show. This weeks guests judges are Amanda de Cadenet & Anne Fuelnwider. Finally the show begins there are my feelings about each designers creation.
Alexander: This design is sad & ugly. If this is his idea of the future will let me stay in 2014; because Alexander’s future is depressing & ugly. Design could have been saved by making a pencil skirt with that fabric with leather strap inserts.

Amanda: Sorry to say it, but this design was an epic fail. Bellbottom pants could possibly work in the future if they are smartly made & designed. Amanda’s entire look was not focused & it did not flatter the models figure. Maybe Amanda was to confident.

Angela: Once again Angela has failed herself. While the concept was a good concept she failed in some construction aspects. This design was slightly on the bland side & lacked excitement.

Char: Liked her design, but it was not inspiring. The pants looked well made, but the top had to much extra fabric. Char’s top had a cumbersome feel to it.

Emily: Think Emily did an amazing job this week. Feel that her design had an edge to it without looking cliché. Loved the entire look, and that hoody gave her design an edge. Luckily Emily had an amazing model that really brought her design to life. Feel that Emily wisely choose the correct accessories.

Fade: Think his design had a sporty feel to it. In some ways it had a slight future like uniform feeling. In some ways it reminds me of something from the Missoni brand.

Hernan: While I thought his design was sexy & young felt he heavily referenced Versace’s bondage dresses from the 1990’s. Yes it is possible to reference another designer, but make the design your own interpretation. Please see a photo of Versace’s & Hernan’s design to compare.


Kini: Loved Kini’s design. Wow he made three pieces of clothing in one day. kini’s design was cool, chic & very wearable. Fell that his design would be cool today as well as 20 years from now. Kini did an amazing job this week.

Korina: Oh lord this was just awful. Looks like something Bea Arthur would have worn when she was 39 years old. It was nothing special. BORING!

Kristine: That jacket was just ugly. It reminded me of something from the mid 1990’s that was referencing the 1970’s. The dress was another story it was cute, but that jacket ruined the overall look.

Mitchell: While I like the concept of his design think his sewing skills failed him. It’s a very difficult design to wear. Was it awful? No! Had he had more time think it could have been much better. Do think his model hair & makeup help to add to the look.

Samantha: Very cute design, and it reminds me of clothing made for a high school girl. Had a very junior girls department vibe to it. Still it was cute, fun, flirty without being trashy.

Sandhya: I loved her design. Felt that many of Sandhy’s designs are very conceptual and forward thinking. Very creative & fun design she used color & played with texture. It was a fun design & it was her idea of the future. Many designers have wild runways shows, but of course what shows up in a stores sales floor is a scaled down version of that look. Many people did not & still don’t fully understand designers such as Issey Miyake, but he’s still making money. Think Sandhya is so creative. Love this girl.

Sean: What started out as a good design concept ended up as a sad looking outfit. Just sad, and very drab. I also don’t want this sort of future.

Yet another runways show is done. This weeks challenge winner was Sandhya & Angela was out. Find it very sad that so many of the designers are being very ugly towards Sandhya. Seen much worse designs on project runway. I did enjoy this weeks episode, and thanks for visiting my blog. Stay blessed my friends.


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