Wen’s Fall Ginger Pumpkin & Fall Tuscan Pear Cleansing Conditioner…

This past Thursday & Friday my new Wen seasonals arrived from QVC. I ordered the Fall Ginger Pumpkin & the Fall Tuscan Pear. Qvc also had the Apple spice, but have that one already. Each cleansing conditioner was  52.74 + 7.22 sh. However I had a gift card to cover the cost. When Chaz Dean is on QVC I know there will be awesome deals on WEN. Was so happy that QVC had the seasonals in the 320z size, and at an amazing price.

Pictured are the Wen Fall Ginger Pumpkin & The Fall Tuscan Pear.

Pictured are the Wen Fall Ginger Pumpkin & The Fall Tuscan Pear.


Of the two scents Fall Ginger Pumpkin is my favorite. The scent is amazing without smelling to much like a desert. Honestly it smells like my pumpkin, ginger & spice bread. Smelling the cleansing conditioner you pick up notes of pumpkin, ginger, & spice. Having said that it doesn’t smell like it’s made for children. It has an elegant scent to it. My hair feels & smells great after using this amazing product. Most likely I will go back, and order more as my brothers love it also. Actually we are crazy for anything pumpkin!
Wen's Fall Ginger Pumpkin

Wen’s Fall Tuscan Pear is true to it’s name. It smells just like an amazing ripe pear. As of yet I have not used this product nor have my brothers. Like all Wen products the cleansing conditioner nourishes & cleans the hair. My hair is very coarse & curly, thick. So my hair is very hydrated thanks to WEN. My brothers love WEN too.
Fall Tuscan Pear

I only use WEN to cleanse my hair, and to style my hair. I use about 7 pumps for my first cleanse, and work it in, and then add a dash of water. Make sure to work the product into your scalp, and to the ends of your hair. Rise your hair out, and add an additional 7 pumps. Add dash of water, and work it into your hair. Leave the Wen in my hair for few minutes, and rinse. Finish with one pump as a leave in. It’s that easy to use WEN.

Please look at the screen shot of QVC amazing deal on Wen’s 32oz seasonal cleansing conditioners.
Go to http://www.qvc.com to buy wen. Think QVC has amazing deals on the entire Wen line. If you follow my blog you know I also shop QVC for many other items. Any questions feel free to ask. Thanks for reading, and stay blessed!


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