Cellessence & Nuvacell Product Reviews….

Happy 2015 everyone. Hopefully this post finds all of you doing very well. I am back again with new product reviews. Today shall be reviewing Cellessence anti-aging face cream & Nuvacell a wrinkle repair eye serum. Just so you know I was sent the products for free in exchange for an honest & fair review. The thoughts in this blog are my feelings on the products.

First I will start with Cellessence anti-aging face cream. Have been using this product for many weeks. The anti-aging face cream comes in a 1 fl. oz jar.

Cellessence is pale white like color. It’s texture is like a thick whipped cream. I personally do not notice a scent, but a friend of mine says it has a faint scent. She said it was a spa like scent. While the texture looks thick it’s actually lightweight & absorbs into the skin. This product does hydrate your skin, but never makes you look oily. My skin just loves this product. Let me share a few of Cellessence features:
* Designed to help skin cells repair damage to DNA.
* Revitalizes stem cells within the skin.
* Optimizes epidermal stem cells and improves regeneration.
* Reinforces the skin barrier and reduces the signs of aging.

Think all of the above sounds pretty good, but let me share with you my thoughts. My thoughts are the feelings of a skin care lover. This product deeply hydrates my skin. Hydrated skin looks younger & healthier. My skin seemed to respond to Cellessence with in the first week. First thing I noticed was it helped with redness in my skin. Loved that! My skin also had a healthy glow to it. My fine lines on the forehead were reduced. My skin also appeared to have better elasticity.
In the above photo I put some of Cellessence face cream on a spatula. Notice how thick & rich it is! With a product such as this I use a spatula to get the cream out of the jar. I personally don’t want to contaminate the product. All you need for your face & neck is a pea sized amount of the cream. Apply Cellessence anti-aging cream to clean dry skin. Work the cream in light upward strokes. Personally I start from the chin up, and finish with the next area. I use it twice a day every day.

Next up is the Nuvacell wrinke repair eye serum. Regardless of your age everyone could use a good eye serum. All of us need a good serum for the eyes to repair damage from squinting, bright lights, & the environment. Out skin is under attack daily. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest & is one of the first areas to show aging. Personally I like to think of Nuvacell as a shield for the skin in my eye area.

Love the pump top for this eye cream. I am big into preserving the integrity of the product & not contaminating it. Want the product to be able to do it’s job. So what can Nuvacell do for you?
* Removes furrow lines
* Rapidly reduces lines
* Removes dark circles
* Reduces under eye inflammation
* Restores inflamed pores
* Hydrates skin
Nuvacell wrinkle repair eye serum comes in a 0.5 fl. oz pump top bottle. Serum is unscented & has a pale peach looking color. The formulation of this serum is perfect for the skin around the eye. Noticed that the tiny lines from squinting have smoothed out. My eyes look hydrated, and less puffy. My eyes look rested & refreshed. Use your ring fingers to gently tap the serum into the skin under the eye. Start from the inward corner of the eyes outward. This product should be used twice a day every day.

My review is coming from the point of view of a skin care lover, and not a scientific background. Noticed amazing changes in my skin from using Cellessence & Nuvacell. So let’s talk about prices. The Cellessence anti-aging face cream retails for $99.95 currently on their website. Of course prices do change, and not sure how long this price will last. Since Cellessence is a highly effective product it is worth the price charged. It delivers on what it promises. Nuvacell currently sells for $79.95 on their website. Note that Nuvacell is a eye serum. A serum delivers results very quickly. Would I purchase Nuvacell… YES! Do wish that the pump on serum would not release as much product. Other than the pump it’s a perfect product.

Please go to this website https://www.buycellessence.com/ these products are high quality. Will continue to use these products, and I am very happy with the positive results. Now let’s be honest the only way to see results is to faithfully use the products. Would also suggest to use a spf to protect your skin. Thanks once again for reading this post, and have a blessed day.


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