Traveling with family or friends… The duties of planning… etc

Hey friends. Well today this blog post is about traveling with friends or family. Actually it’s more about the planning process. Think many of you know I have two older brothers. Normally the three of us take a trip together.

So out trip this fall is a long time away. Today we went to the book store to look at books on Poland, Estonia, Finland, Sweden & maybe end in Paris. We still are not sure where we will go, but Poland is for sure on out list.


So as I said we went to two book stores today. Looking at the travel books. See we wanted to browse the books to see which we would like best, and then buy books on amazon. Hey got to save where you can. Personally I like to plan things out, and my methodical nature comes in handy. What bothers me is this… Both my older brothers expect me to do all the planning. Or they want me to do it. They claim any hotels, and flights I choose they will like. In the past they have never complained. My brothers even like me to plan out what we will do. Now I don’t mind doing it, but at least they should do some planning work. This is what I mean. Don’t mind doing the flight & hotel stuff, but the could help by finding stuff they want to see, and do. Now they have never fussed or complained, but it’s their trip to. Want to do some of the things they would be into. Yes we like some of the same things, but they should do some planning to. Both of the claim they hate to read. Heck they can watch travel shows.


Friends please be honest. Am I wrong in asking that they plan out some of the trip? Or am I just being fussy? Just feel it’s all of our trip, and we should all be involved in some way. Heck even have to remind them to pack their suitcases.

Just while ago was asking them to go over the books was planning to order, and they said.. Oh we trust your judgment. That is fine, but they need to be more involved. In many ways I do enjoy the planning process. Heck I even bought a notebook to write down notes as I read my travel books. With books I add in searching websites, and youtube videos. Thought maybe on the weekends we could watch shows like Rick Steve’s or Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown. Just want to inspire the to be apart of the process.

Please share your thoughts with comments….


9 thoughts on “Traveling with family or friends… The duties of planning… etc

    • Robin,
      First thank you for taking the time to reply. That is good advice. Going to have to ask them to be more involved in the process. Just want them to take initiative in the process. Would also like them to plan a day while we are there. Last year I handled everything, and felt stressed now they never complained about anything, but it’s a big responsibility.

  1. Kathy Lane says:

    I think everyone should be involved in the trip.It would help cut out some of the stress on you,and I think it would be fun to talk about your trip and all that you all will do when you get there.Good luck with everything!

    • thanks Kathy. Being on a trip, and planning can be very stressful. Making sure everyone has fun etc. Well I was thinking each of us should do our homework for the trip. Yes I know the fall time is long time away, but planning really saves money, time and hassle. Just think we should all do the work. Thanks for stopping by, and sharing your thoughts. At first thought I was being mean or difficult. Have heard from several people that my brothers should help so feel so much better.

  2. the planning part can be very stressful, but much fun and enjoyment when you finally get to the actual trip time. and seems like yes everyone going should be doing something as their part in the planning process.

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