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Disclosure: These products were sent to me complimentary in exchange for my honest review. The thoughts in this blog are my won feelings.

Think that with each new year all of us think about making changes in our lives. These changes could be getting organized, trying new things, etc. Think that many of us want to also improve our bodies in the new year. Happily was allowed to try the Get Lean 180 Kit from


Let me share with you what came in my kit: 180 Muscle Mix(protein powder in Strawberry), 180 Burn capsules, & the 180 Cleanses capsules. Oh want to mention they sent me an amazing diet plan. Honestly I am very thin, but wanted to try this kit to feel & get stronger. Having said that did loose weight, but feel added on some muscle so that’s great for me.


Now let’s talk about the products in the kit:
*** Lean 180 Muscle Mix: This Muscle Mix is a protein powder & choose the Strawberry flavor. Adore the taste of this Muscle Mix. It has a delicious taste! The protein shake is formulated to help loose weight, and feel satisfied. Oh the product has only 120 calories per serving. Below share with you some benefits of this product.
* 1 gram of sugar
* A blend of 7 proteins
* Speeds up weight loss
* Protein boos for building muscles
If a product does not taste good I won’t use it. This Lean 180 Muscle Mix taste Amazing. Like to make my product in a shake like consistency. Use 6 oz of unsweetened almond milk, 8 ice cubes, 3 tbsp. of your Muscle mix. Blend for about 30 seconds & enjoy. Like that this product has no aftertaste nor does it have a nasty chemical taste. Now am ready to try the other flavors, and hope they come up with more flavors. Would suggest at least two shakes a day. Have one for breakfast & a shake post workout.

*** Lean 180 Burn: The product was formulated to decrease hunger & burn body fast in an efficient manner. There are five key ingredients in this product Green Coffee Bean, Raspberry Ketones, Garcinia Cambogia, Caffeine Anhydrous, green tea extract. About 30 minutes before breakfast take 2 capsules with big glass of water. Now you may wish take an additional 180 burn around 2:30 with big glass of water. I only felt the need take the capsules in the morning.
Normally with this sort of product you would feel jittery, but I did not experience this issues. Did have more energy & it seemed like was able to focus better too. Not sure if it’s formulated to do that, but I experienced that. Maybe it’s silly but like that the capsule not to big to swallow. Now the first time used the product only took 1 capsule, but next day felt comfortable to take 2 before my breakfast. Just see what works for your body.

*** Lean 180 Cleanse: At first was not sure of what to think about this product, but kept an open mind. Before starting this program thought did not need this product, but I was wrong! 180 Cleanse is made of 8 all natural ingredients to assist in detoxing & cleansing your body. So just want does Lean 180 Cleanse do for you?
* Cleans & Detoxifying
* Controls Appetite
* Removes waste
* Sheds excess water
Think those are great things that Lean 180 Cleanse can do for you. Simply take 1 capsule with 8 oz water before bed time. As this product is effective start off with 1 capsule. Glad to report that this product did not upset my stomach. Felt no negative effects from using this cleanse. Did feel lighter, and craved sweets & junk food less.

Have used this kit for a week now. Followed the Lean 180 kit instructions & had success. Look my weight not an issue for me, but wanted to feel stronger. Another thing wanted was to put on some muscle. Yeah I did loose weight, but do feel energized & stronger. Just what I wanted. Like the entire Lean 180 kit. My favorite product is the Lean 180 Muscle Mix. It’s a healthy snack/treat.

Let’s have some real talk right now. If you want success with this program it’s important to have a health meal plan. Just as important is the exercise part. Many of you know I have Becker’s Muscular Dystrophy, and I can’t work out as hard many of you. Still I do workout to be at my personal best. If you eat junk food & don’t exercise then you won’t see results. The 180 Lean kit is like a helping hand to achieve your weight loss/fitness goals. Would I go and repurchase this kit? Yes for sure I would. This is a quality product!

Here are some links to buy the products on amazon. Will have a link to the kit, and the individual products in case you just want to try one of them. Please find links to their twitter, homepage & facebook.
** Buy the Get Lean 180 Kit on amazon:
** Buy just the Lean 180 Muscle Mix:
** Buy Just the Lean 180 Burn:
** Buy just the lean 180 Cleanse:
** Visit Get Lean 180 homepage:
** Follow Lean 180 on twitter:
** Like Lean 180 on Facebook:

Just want to thank the team at Get Lean 180 & Tomoson for allowing me to try this product & share my thoughts. Very happy with the entire system! Thank you for reading this blog, and stay blessed.

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