InstaNatural Lemon & Peppermint Essential Oil’s Product Reviews

Disclosure: I received complimentary products in exchange for a fair & honest review. The thoughts in this blog are my own.

Think that many of my readers know I am into using essential oil’s. Have used essential oils for several years. Recently I had the good luck to try InstaNatural’s Lemon & Peppermint Essentail Oil’s. Have only used these to products for about a week so far. Yes I am a fan of InstaNatural, and one word that I associate with this company is, “QUALITY”.


These two essential oils each come in a big 4 fl. oz. bottles. InstaNatural’s Lemon & Peppermint essential oil are for external use only.

InstaNatural’s Lemon Essential Oil:
Ingredients: 100% pure Cold-Pressed Lemon Essential Oil (Citrus Limon) I believe the process is taking the rinds of lemon’s and pressing them & thus extracting the natural oils.
Fragrance: The scent is sweet & refreshing. It reminds me of Southern Italy! This is one of the best Lemon Essential Oils I have used.

Lemon essential oil is known to have antifungal, antiseptic, antidepressant & astringent properties. I find that the scent of this oil is also uplifting. The possibilities are endless for this oil.
Ideas for uses of Lemon Essential Oil:
1. Natural Disinfectant: I try not to use bleach to disinfect my countertops & surface areas. I use a plastic spray bottle that’s 16 oz size & add about 30 drops of your Lemon essential oil & 1 oz of white vinegar & the fill with water. I also use this spray to clean the shower & my shower curtains.
2. Immune Support: Mix equal amount of Lemon essential oil & coconut oil then apply to your neck & chest. This will help you fight any cold you may have.
3. Mood Enhancer: Feeling down or grumpy? Simply add some of your Lemon essential oil to your diffuser, and allow it to fill your room. This scent will take you out of any bad mood.
4. Face Wash: Lemon oil is very nourishing to the skin. Simply mix the lemon oil with baking soda & some honey for a natural face wash. This wash is great for anyone dealing with breakouts or dull looking skin.

InstaNatural’s Peppermint Essential Oil:

Ingredients: 100% pure steam distilled from Peppermint leaves. This oil is the real deal & nothing is added to it. Open the bottle & you know it’s Peppermint!

Think many if not most essential oil users have peppermint in their collection. Reason being it’s so versatile. This essential oil is strong, and most likely you should dilute it with a carrier oil such as sweet almond. Find that the scent is cool, & refreshing scent. Many of us just think of peppermint as something to freshen the breath. While that is a good thing it has so many more uses & benefits. This oil can help with nausea, and it also has antifungal properties. Below are few ideas for the use of this multitasking essential oil.
1. Headache Helper: Take about 2 drops of the carrier oil of your choice & one drop of Peppermint essential oil rub together in your palms. Next apply the mixture to your temples, forehead, & back of the neck. Gentle massage into the area. When I have bad chest congestion I use this recipe also, but chest apply to the chest.
2. Achy Feet: I use a damp towl & apply few drops of my Peppermint essential oil to it & rest your feet on the towel, and they will feel much better.
3. Odor Control: If you have any smelly trash cans simply apply the oil to the inside of your cans. This will help them to smell better, and it keep cat’s, rat’s & mice away.
4. Constipation: Use about a quarter sized amount of coconut oil & one drip of peppermint oil. Massage the mixture onto your stomach in slow circular motion.

Listen I am not natural health guru, but I know what works for my life. The ideas listed above work for me, and meet my needs. Now you may need to adjust the amount of oils uses to suit your needs. With anything use your common sense. If you think you could be allergic do a patch test on your skin. Below please find links to buy the products on amazon, & link to their homepage.
** Buy InstaNatural’s Lemon Essential Oil:
** Buy InstaNatural’s Peppermint Essential Oil:
** Visit InstaNatural’s Homepage:

Hope that everyone has a great weekend, and hopefully the snow is gone. Thanks for stopping by, and have a blessed day.


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