Product Review: goPURE Natural’s Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil

Disclosure: I did receive this product complimentary in exchange for an honest review.

I am not new to the carrier oil & essential oil world. Yes have used other carrier oils before but not from goPure Naturals. Over the past month have been using their 100% Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil. Maybe your confused about the term,”Fractionated Coconut Oil.” Basically Fractionated Coconut Oil stays in a liquid form & not a solid as the fats are removed from it. Removing the fat allows the oil to stay in a liquid form.


Why use goPure Natural’s 100% Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil? The name says it all. It’s natural. This product has no additives, preservatives, nor does it have fillers. This oil absorbs quickly into the skin. All you need to do is put a drop in your hands, and apply. As this product is natural your body knows how to process it. Like that it does not look greasy or slick on your skin. I can apply some to my dry hands, and the next minute.. I can snap snap my fingers.


Personally I like to use products that can multi-task. This oil can be used in many ways. Of course you can use it as a massage oil. Below I will share a few ideas for using, “FCO”. Still use your imagination & find other uses. Honestly you are only limited by your imagination.

Sweet Citrus Sugar Scrub:
* 1 cup Sanding Sugar (granulated can be used, but sanding sugar is best)
* 1 cup Fractionated Coconut Oil “FCO”
* 24 drops of Lemon Essential Oil
Yes the above sounds like large amount, but use it on your body, hands, and it makes a great gift. Let me warn you your friends will ask you to make more for them. Of course use your favorite essential oil, but I love lemon…

Close Shave Oil:
* 1/2 cup Fractionated Coconut Oil “FCO”
* 8 drops of Chamomile essential oil
Take any empty bottle glass or plastic, and first add in your “FCO” next add in your chamomile essential oil. Now there are both German & Roman chamomile essential oils, and both work fine. I personally like the German variety best. Yes you can use another essential oil, but find that Chamomile is so calming & relaxing.

The above are just two ways to use goPure 100% Pure “FCO”. I have also used just straight, “FCO” as a hair moisturizer. Use it as you would baby oil. What I like about goPure’s “FCO” is it has no smell. Many “FCO” oils on the market have a burnt like smell, but goPure’s does not. This oil will last you a long time, but recommend keeping it in cool, dry place. I have enjoyed using their product, and it’s a great value. Below find links to buy it on amazon, & go like their Facebook page please.

** Buy goPure Natural’s Fractionated Coconut Oil on Amazon:
** Like their Facebook page here:
** Vist goPure homepage, and find out more about their other products:

Hope that you can give this multi use product a try. Feel free to comment below with any ways in which you use, “FCO”. Thanks so much for stopping by, and reading my blog. Hope your enjoying your spring, and stay blessed.

8 thoughts on “Product Review: goPURE Natural’s Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil

    • think you will love it. I also just simply use it on my skin. It really will help dry feet too. put some on your feet, and some thick socks, and over night it help your feet. great on elbows too.

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