Dot & Dot 15 inch Packing Organizer: Product Review

Disclosure: I was sent this product complimentary in exchange for an honest & fair product review.

One of my great loves is traveling. Traveling can either be a joy or a burden. Being organized makes my traveling experience a joy. Thanks to Dot & Dot travel it makes the packing part of travel a breeze.


What is Dot & Dot 15 inch Packing organizer? Each packing folder can hold up to 7 shirts or pants. Using this packing organizer helps to minimize wrinkles, but also maximize space. As we all know the airlines keep limiting the size & weight of our suitcases. Like that this product also gives the user more privacy. Each packing organizer also comes with a folding board with instructions printed on the board.


Honestly I love the idea of this packing organizer. I am one of those people that over packs. A product such as this will help to keep me more organized & tidy. Normally I travel for leisure, but being on a vacation is no reason to look sloppy. This packing organizer keeps my clothes wrinkle free & that saves me from ironing my clothes.

In the photo above you can see how neatly folded clothes remain. What I like is that this product can really free up space in my suitcase. Another great aspect of this product is that it keeps your clothes protected from shoes, dust etc. The product is easy to use, and care for. Spill anything on just wipe it clean. Now for my travel needs I would need 2 or 3 packing organizers. Dot & Dot 15 inch pack organizer is so easy to use. Regardless of how much you travel this is a useful product. Why did I not think of inventing a product like this?

I love using Dot & Dot 15″ packing organizer. Will purchase the 18 inch size also. Even if you don’t travel much this product can free up space in your dressers & closets. Would highly recommend this product to any business traveler. Please find links to buy the product on amazon & visit their homepage.

*** Buy Dot & Dot 15 ” Packing Organizer on Amazon:
*** Visit Dot & Dot homepage:

Thanks Dot & Dot travel for allowing me to try their product & share my thoughts. Want to thank everyone for stopping by to read my blog. Have a blessed day.

7 thoughts on “Dot & Dot 15 inch Packing Organizer: Product Review

  1. txsunlover says:

    I got the red one too! I’m definitely going to use mine from now on when we travel to save space in our luggage. Great review!

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