Product Review: Sentey Brio LS-2100 Power Bank: Portable Power in the palm of your hand.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product complimentary in exchange for an honest & fair review. The thoughts in this blog are my own.

I love all of my tech gadgets. As I go through out my day keeping my smartphone & other items powered up is an issue. Finding an available wall outlet can be often hard to find. No matter how much you use your tech gadgets a portable power bank is a must have.

Recently I became a member of Sentey Power User community. As a power use get the chance to test products, and share my thoughts on them. My first review for Sentey is their Brio LS-2100 power bank. Have been using this product for a couple of days now, and wanted to share my thoughts.


The Brio LS-2100 has 2800 mAh battery capacity. First think you will notice is the small size of the Brio Ls-2100. It’s about the size of a lipstick, and it’s lightweight. This power bank could easily fit in a shirt pocket.

Upon opening your package you will see the Brio LS-2100 power bank & a box. In the box you will find your Micro USB Cable, and a carrying pouch to keep it all together. Very impressed that Sentey includes the extras as many companies do not.


This power bank is so easy to use. Often people think of simplicity as a bad thing, but I have to disagree. Love the simplicity of the Brio LS-2100. It’s basically plug & play or should I say use technology. Feel this would be a great power bank for anyone who needs portable power. Look the more buttons, and flash lights, and displays added make your power bank bigger & heavier. Personally I like the small size, and it’s lightweight.

Portable power bank that is easy to use. No guess work.

Portable power bank that is easy to use. No guess work.

Upon receiving your now power bank you will want to charge it. Connect your Micro USB cable to the power bank. Then connect the cable to either a USB port or an adapter. As my Brio was charging the led light was an orange color. When it was finished charging the led light switched to blue. To fully charge the power bank maybe took 2 and half hours. Like the fact that the power bank did not run hot, and that is rare.


Now that your power bank is fully charge you can use it to charge your smartphone, Mp3 play etc. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. Let my phone’s power die to see how long it takes to fully charge. The charging time from no power to 100% was an hour.

Things to know about the Sentey Brio LS-2100 it’s a grade A lithium-ion battery. This power bank will work for most phones & electronics. Apple adapters are not included. This is an awesome power bank for anyone from the tech savvy to even technologically challenged. This is a great product that’s so easy to use, and it makes a terrific gift.

Please check out the links to purchase on amazon, and visit their homepage.

Buy the Sentey Brio LS-2100 on amazon:
Visit Sentey homepage to find out about their other products.:

Thank you Sentey for allowing me to try the Brio LS-2100. Want to thank all of my readers for visiting my blog. Have a blessed day.

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