Product Review: Sentey Flow On-ear headphones….

I am a lover of all things tech. Love it all from smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, and more. Headphones are a must for any gamer or music lover. I had the chance to try Sentey Flow headphones.


First let me share with you a product description from Sentey about the Flow On-ear headphones.

Product Description:
* Exclusive Sleek design for Kids or Adults: Comes with a modern, sleek design that highlights simple but functional beauty.
* Foldable: The Flow headset folds up for easy transport and storage anywhere you want. Kids Headphones.
* In-line Microphone: An In-line omnidirectional microphone that picks up your voice without having to talk directly into it.
* In-line Control: The Flow headset features in-line control to allow you to answer calls by pressing the button when being used on a mobile phone and play/pause a song when used in a device that supports inline control with music / Flat Cable: The flat detachable cable designed to prevent tangles in both use and storage while providing the maximum strength.
* Compatible and works with any 3.5mm Device and with Turtle Beach TalkBack Cable and Earforce Audio Adapter , Skullcandy Inline Cables, Apple Ipad, Iphone, Air , Mini, Samsung Galaxy s3, s4, s5, s6 , Nokia Phones , Microsoft Surface and Pro, Asus, Lenovo, Msi Notebooks, Panasonic SV-MP010 Digital Audio Player, Sony Walkman , Razer Edge Pro , ProntoTec and Lg G Pad Tablets , Amazon Fire , Dragon Touch Devices , Astro Queo Smartphone , Hp Stream , Acer Iconia , Google Nexus , Dell Venue , Polaroid Tab , Toshiba Encore , Blu Dash , Htc Desire , Nokia Lumia , Ps3 , Ps4 , Ps Vita , Xbox , Xbox One , Sharp Aquos, and many many more broadband compatible devices.


Have used these headphones for a month now, and feel I can share what my feelings are. Yes the Sentey Flow headphones have a crisp, clear sound. With these headphones you won’t hear any static or tin like sounds. Personally another plus is the fact they feel so comfortable. Used them to watch, and listen to a movie on my ipad, and there was NO discomfort at all. I am BIG on comfort with headphones, and earbuds. I find that the Sentey Flow are also well made. Finally like that these headphones can fold up smaller, and take up less space.

Only drawback to this product is the cable. Wish it was thicker, and longer. In my view that is the only negative. Having said that it’s still a good product. Want to thank Sentey for allowing me to try this product. Thank you to all of my readers for stopping by blog. Stay blessed my friends.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product complimentary in exchange for an honest, and fair review.

Product Review: Trilane Retinol + Vitamin C Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest, and fair review. The thoughts in this blog are my own.

Over the past two weeks I have been using Trilane Retinol + Vitamin C. Trilane product line is a part of Healthy Directions, LLC. There are several other products from the Trilane line of products. I was lucky enough to try the Trilane Retinol + Vitamin C anti-aging moisturizer.


As I have said have used this product for about two weeks now. First thing noticed about this moisturizer is it’s consistency. The consistency of Trilane retinol + vitamin c moisturizer is closer to a serum. Normally I think of a facial moisturizer as a lotion or gel consistency. This product was a liquid like consistency. With all of that said I decided to keep an open mind, and give the product a fair try.


I use Trilane retinol + vitamin c moisturizer twice a day on clean, dry skin. First thing I noticed is that this moisturizer absorbs very quickly. Like that it doesn’t leave my skin looking shiny or oily. Trilane moisturizer also felt good on my skin. I did not experience any irritations or breakouts while using this product.

After the first use my skin was more hydrated, and looked refreshed. We all know that dry skin often looks, and feels older, and so a good moisturizer is key. About one week in to using the product noticed the texture of my skin looked smoother. I feel that my pores also appear to be smaller. Like that this product has no added fragrance or colors added.

So what is in Trilane retinol + vitamin c? Below you shall find the full ingredient list.

Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Oil
Isopropyl Palmitate
Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Esters
Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil
Aloe Extract
Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Extract
Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Extract
Glycrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Extract
Benzyl Alcohol
Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A)
Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C)

I have been using this product for two weeks now, and I’m enjoying using it. One of the best attributes of this product is how well it hydrates my skin. Another positive is that it does not feel heavy on your skin. Trilane retinol + Vitamin C anti-aging delivers on hydration, anti-aging, and minimizing pores. When using this product just a little goes a long way, and this 1 fl. oz bottle shall last you a while. With any skin care product consistency is key. Make sure to use it twice a day every day, and you shall see results.

Please find a link to purchase this product on amazon. I will also provide my readers with a couon code to save 20% off of Trilane Retinol + Vitamin C anti-aging moisturizer.

Buy Trilane Retinol +Vitamin C Anti-aging Moisturizer on amazong:

Coupon code: SAVERETC

Notice about coupon code: This coupon code is good for your first purchase of Trilane Retinol + Vitamin C Anti-aging Moisturizer sold by Healthy Directions on Amazon.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and have a blessed day.

Renuzit Pearls Scents Product Review & Giveaway..

Disclosure: I was sent this product complimentary in exchange for an honest, and fair review.

Good evening everyone. Hopefully all of you are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Today I am doing a product review & a giveaway for Renuzit’s Pearls Scents. I am a Purex Insider member, and was lucky enough to try the product, and host a giveaway.

This is Renuzit Pearl Scents in Blue Sky Breeze

This is Renuzit Pearl Scents in Blue Sky Breeze

Renuzit Pearls Scents is a new product. This product is more than just an air freshener. While it give a beautiful scent to any room it also neutralizes odors. The product itself is also beautiful to have in any room. No need to hide Renuzit Pearl Scents.

Renuzit Pearl Scents come in these aromas/fragrances.

** Blue Sky Breeze
** Serenity
** Sparkling Rain
** Tranquil
** Seductive Pineapple

Like many things about this product. One important factor is the product last for about 30 days. I was scent the fragrance, “Blue Sky Breeze.” Another great plus is the scent is not heavy or overpowering. This product has a spa like quality to it. Even a larger room can benefit for having a Pearl Scents in it. Love that this product is also visually appealing. Finally you can find Renuzit Pearls Scents at your local retailer.

The product is easy to use. First remove the decorative lid. Next peel back the seal. Place the product in any room. Those tiny scent pearls will freshen the room as well as neutralize any bad odors. Like that don’t have to plug it in or fire to worry with. Sit it down where you need it, and that’s it.

Lovely pearls help to freshen any room.

Lovely pearls help to freshen any room.

Now on to the fun part the giveaway. In this giveaway one person will win a coupon for 1 free Renuzit Pearls Scent product. The giveaway is limited to the USA. Shall use Rafflecopter to hold the giveaway.

Thank you to Purex Insiders for allowing myself to experience this product, and host a giveaway. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay blessed, and thank you for reading my blog.

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NEW Snuggle Fresh Spring Flowers Fabric Softner : Product Review #TeamSnuggle

Recently I had the luck to try a NEW product from Snuggle. The product is Snuggle Fresh Spring Flowers fabric softner. Luckily I received the liquid form in a 32 fl. oz. size product. At my home I do all of the laundry, and let’s just say it’s not my favorite task. Having a fabric softner is a must in my home.


After opening the bottle you will notice the lovely scent. Loved that it does smell like spring flowers. Having said that it’s important to know that the scent is not overpowering. It actually is fresh & spring like so good job Snuggle.

This product is so simple to use. The 32 fl. oz size that I received should be good for about 40 average sized loads of laundry. First you will want to shake your closed bottle of Snuggle Fresh Spring Flowers fabric softner. Next measure the amount you need. A regular load would need to measure just a bit under line 1. For any larger sized loads go tad bit over the line 2 mark in the cap. It’s that easy!

When your laundry is done you will notice how good they smell. What makes this product different is the scent last a long time. My laundry feels softer, and the softness lasts! Love the fact that this product delivers on it’s promises. This product is worthy of it’s price, and of it’s place on my laundry shelf.

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest, and fair review. All thoughts in this blog are my own.

Product Review + a Giveaway: Fresh Feet From Fresh Body…

Disclosure: I was sent this product complimentary in exchange for an honest & fair review. The thoughts in this blog are my own.

Greetings everyone. Hopefully your Tuesday is treating you well. Today I will be reviewing & hosting a giveaway for Fresh Feet from Fresh Body.


Let’s keep it real & be very honest. Often our feet can get sweaty & uncomfortable. Everyone & anyone can have this issue. If you have feet… your feet can get sweaty. Of course often a by product of sweat can be an uncomfortable feeling & odor. Yeah no one want’s stinky, sweaty feet.


Maybe you have never heard of the product, and don’t know what it is. So Fresh Feet starts off as soothing cream, and eventually dries to a cooling powder. Actually it’s like those powder sprays, but with no mess. It has a love mint or tea tree like scent. It also have a nice cooling sensation to the feet.

Both the product, and the company are new to me. At first wasn’t sure if it would work, but it does. Used this product during a regular day of walking, and yes it kept my feel feeling fresh. Made sure to apply my Fresh Feet before physical therapy, and the product never let me down.

How do you use the product? It’s best to have clean, dry feet. Shake the product well before application. I need about a quarter sized amount for each foot. I like to apply it to the tops, bottoms, and my heels. Shortly after you apply the cream it transform to the powder like state. Having said that it doesn’t make your feet look powdery or weird. I do feel a level of confidence when using this product.

About the giveaway. This giveaway is limited to the US only. At the bottom of this post you can enter the giveaway. Want to thank Fresh Body for allowing me to try their product, and hosting a giveaway. Please enter, and wishing you luck. Stay blessed!

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Product Review: Exfolimate Face and Body Exfoliation Tool……

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me complimentary in exchange for an honest, and fair review. The thoughts in this blog are my own.

Happy Monday everyone, and hope the start of your day has been a good one. Today I want to share with you a product review for Exfolimate.


So what is Exfolimate? It’s a face & body tool used for exfoliation. It’s a great way to exfoliate without the use of chemicals or harsh scrubs. Below please find Exfolimate actual product description.

*** What the Brand says: This new revolutionary personal exfoliation tools for the face & body to gently exfoliate prior to any skincare, shaving or hair removal treatments. The secret is its patented laser formed edge with micro grooves which combine with warm water in the bath or shower to exfoliate gently, naturally, quickly & easily. Enjoy fingertip controlled exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, oils, pollution, dirt and grime, but not the hairs….Exfolimate is not a shaver.

In one step you can clean, stimulate and smooth the skin! It is chemical free, safe, hygienic, and easy to use on the face or the whole body. It helps clear the pores, smooth away dead skin cells and rough, bumpy or dry patches of skin. Whether its dry, sensitive, oily skin or blemishes. Exfolimate can help. Also great for any shaving, waxing and problems with ingrown. It can also aid the absorption of all your skin care products and smoother skin also means your makeup or sunless tan goes on better! You receive two ergonomically designed personal face & body tools, cords & a comprehensive directions brochure. See www. for more information.


Upon hearing about Exfolimate must say I was intriqued. Before it arrived at my home was concerned if it would be difficult to use, and if it would hurt. Intially my thoughts were no way this could work. Most of us are use to exfoliating with goopy scrubs, nylon puffs, or loofahs. Honestly thought I don’t need this product, but wanted to give it a fair try. Now my first time using the Exfolimate didn’t feel it did anything, but that was because I used it incorrectly.

Now let me share with you how to correctly use an Exfolimate. First would suggest using it in the shower. Make sure the water is either warm or hot. Hot or warm water will help to open your pores, and allow the tool to work better. Make sure your skin is thoroughly wet. Let’s say your starting with the Exfolimate for the face. On wet skin hold your Exfolimate at 90 degree angle, and glide across skin. It’s really that easy. Of course my first time using the product could have been more successful had I read the instructions first.


Do I think Exfolimate is a good product? Yes it is. Personally I like the tool for the body best. Found that the Exfolimate for the face is bit big to use on my face. Wish they would make a smaller version of Exfolimate for the face. The tool for the body was highly effective at exfoliating. Body Exfolimate is the perfect size in my view. I am big into self tanning. Using this tool the skin on my body is smooth, and ready to self tan. Awesome! An another positive is that the bumps on back my arms have cleared up since using Exfolimate.

Have been using this tool for a month now, and can share my true feelings. After using this product for a month I can recommend this tool. Yes the face Exfolimate is bit big for my face, but my middle brother loves it. The tool for the body is my favorite. Have no dry patches on my knees, elbows or ankles. My lotions, and potions, and self tanner can better absorb, and do their jobs.

If you would like an Exfolimate I will include links to purchase on as well as Amazon.
*** Buy from
*** Buy from

Thank you Exfolimate for allowing me to try this product, and share my thoughts. I would also like to thank my readers/friends for stopping by my blog. Hope all of you have a wonderful day. Stay Blessed.

Product Review: Adovia’s Dead Sea Mud Mask.

Facial masks are a great addition to any skin care program. These facial masks can help to do many things such as purify skin, and refine pores, etc. Today would like to tell you about Adovia’s Dead Sea Mud Mask. Have been using this product for a week now.


Regardless of your skin issue this is a great mask. One of my skin issues is having an oily t-zone. With this mask it helps to purify & balance your skin at the same time. If any of you have acne this would be perfect for you. Below I will share with you what Adovia says about the product & some of it’s ingredients.

*** Ingredients in this all natural mud mask include but are not limited to the following:
•Dead Sea Mud
•Bee’s Wax
•Evening Primrose
•Various Olive Oils
•Aloe Vera
•Vitamins A and C

While this works to effectively reduce the appearance of aging and to treat acne, it will never leave the skin feeling or looking dry thanks to the first few ingredients in the above list. Ingredients such as the various oils, Jojoba, and Evening Primrose leave the skin feeling soft to the touch.

Aloe Vera is a completely natural and healing skin agent that both heals and soothes. Chamomile is a completely natural and effective anti-inflammatory agent perfect for inflamed acne breakouts. Vitamins A and C refresh the skin and improve overall skin health.

Think all of the above sounds great, but let me share with you how I use it. Before applying any mask I start with clean dry skin. My next step is to take a wash cloth, wet it, ring it out, and microwave it for a minute. Put the wash cloth on your face, and allow it to open your pores. With the use of paint brush apply the mask in a thin even layer. Allow to dry for 15 to 30 minutes. While the mask dries you will feel a slight tightening of the skin. That is the mask removing impurities from your skin, and refining your pores. Next rinse off the mask with warm water. Follow up with a toner & a moisturizer, and your done.

My brothers, and I have been using this mask for a week now. On my skin my pores do seem smaller, and my t-zone is not as noticeable. What I like best about this mask is it’s not drying or harsh on the skin. Have used many masks that over dry my skin, but not Adovia’s.

Thanks to both Adovia & BrandBacker for allowing me to try this product. I did receive this product complimentary in exchange for an honest, and fair review. The thoughts in this blog are my own. Once again thank you for stopping by, and stay blessed.

Product Reviews: Retseliney Exfoliant Cream, Masque, Toner, & Eye Gel.

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary in exchange for an honest, and fair review. The thoughts in this blog are my own.

Good morning, and happy Saturday. Today I am bringing you some product reviews from Retseliney. Luckily I was able to try their Advanced Exfoliant Cream, Fruit Cocktail Antioxidant Masque, Toner, and the Peptide Complex Eye Gel. Let’s get started with out product reviews.

Retseliney Advanced Exfoliant Cream: Product comes in a 4fl. oz jar. Retseliney products are naturaly, and organic. This product in particular is 96% naturally derived. I am a lover of facial exfoliators! While I have used many exfoliating scrubs an exfoliating cream is new to me. This product is thick, rich & creamy.


Why do we need to exfoliate our skin? An exfoliation cream helps to shed old & dead skin. Retseliney Advanced Exfoliant Cream has these tiny micro particles which remove the old top layer of skin. Removing old dead skin helps to reveal healthier, younger looking skin. Like many things about this product. First I like that the exfoliant particles are very small. Smaller exfoliant particles makes for a more effective & safer way to exfoliate. Oh this product is free of scents & artificial colors. It’s safe to use this product multiple times per week. I use it every other day. Retseliney Advanced Exfoliant Cream is on par with the luxury brands in my opinion! Honestly I have used very expensive products in the past, and this exfoliant exceeds any of them.


TIPS for USAGE: Personally I find that applying the product to clean dry skin works best. Take your time and work in small circular motions. Then rinse off with cool water.

Retseliney Fruit Cocktail Antioxidant Masque: With skin care I think natural is best. Retseliney Fruit Cocktail Masque is 99% naturally derived. It’s also organic. It has a faint fruity scent which I like. A few of the power house ingredients are sweet almond oil, blueberry extract, green tea to name a few. Retseliney Fruit Cocktail masque is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help to reduce signs of aging, repair sun damage, & make skin look firmer. Like to use this masque twice a week.


Tips for usage: Apply the masque to clean dry skin. Tend to be heavy handed with this cream, but that works for my skin. Cover your face & neck with the masque. Massage it into the skin, and leave on for about 30 minutes. While using this product you will notice a light tingling sensation. That tingling comes from the glycolic in it.


Since using Retseliney Fruit Cocktail Antioxidant Masque my skin looks balanced, and fresh. Have less of an oily t-zone area. Not sure if it’s designed for that, but it’s my experience with the product. My skin also appears hydrated, and supple. Hope that Retseliney makes this product in a large sized jar.

Retseliney Fruit Cocktail Antioxidant Facial Toner: Toners are a very important step in your skin care routine. Now this tonner is thicker than your traditional toner. In Japan & other Asian countries often tonners come in this thicker gel like consistency. I apply this tonner to slightly damp skin. Apply about a dime size onto a cotton pad. Then work it into your face in an upward motion. Using this toner you can use less moisturizer. My verdict is that like this toner. Like to have this product in a larger size also.


Retseliney Peptide Complex Eye Gel: Regardless of your age each of us could use an eye product. I like eye gels better than cream textures. Just a few ingredients in this product are vitamin E, jojoba oil, & hyaluronic acid. Retseliney eye gel is lightweight, and absorbs quickly. With this product the sensitive skin under, and around my eyes looks hydrated, fresh, and rested. Like to keep this eye gel in the refrigerator, and gives an amazing cooling sensation. Like to use this product both morning & night. Now with this product had problems getting the pump to function, but that the only issue.


I am new to using Retseliney products. Have used many skin care brands in the past, and Retseliney products are just as good if not better than the luxury brands. Each of these products have exceeded my expectations. Yes the Advanced Exfoliant cream is one of my favorites, but all of their products are high quality. These products are priced fairly, and I love that. Every person should have healthy, beautiful looking skin. Please find links to purchase the products mentioned in this blog on amazon.

Advanced Exfoliant Cream:
Fruit Cocktail Antioxidant Masque:
Fruit Cocktail Antioxidant Toner:
Peptide Complex Eye Gel:

Want to thank Retseliney for allowing me to try their products, and allowing me to share my thoughts. Thank you to all of my readers. Appreciate your sharing my blog, and the comments. Sharing the things that I love makes me happy. Have a blessed day!

Product Review: Slim Extreme 3D Thermo Active Slimming Serum.

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest & fair review. The thoughts in this blog are my own.

Happy hump day everyone. Ok I am back with a new product review. The product is from Eveline Cosmetics. Product is the Slim Extreme 3D Thermo Active Slimming Serum. This product is designed for the abdomen & buttocks.


This is what Eveline Cosmetics says about the product: The first Thermo Active Cellulite Serum developed in the laboratory of Eveline Cosmetics visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite by treating the affected area, and smoothing the skin’s surface. Thanks to the technologically advanced Thermo Active formula, it delicately warms up the skin, enabling instant penetration of active substances in to the epidermis, assuring maximum results. Use regularly to make skin smooth, and reduce cellulite appearance.

The product comes in a 8.8 fl.oz package. Slim Extreme can be applied once or twice a day. Best time to apply the serum/cream is to clean dry skin. Massage the serum into your skin in circular motions. Continue to massage it until it’s fully absorbed into the skin. Take your time in the application process.


Slim Extreme 3D is a red gel like consistency. Please look at the photo above. In my view it’s thicker than a serum. A few minute after application you will notice a warming sensation. It is not painful at all. Personally I enjoyed the warming feeling.

Have used this product for over a month now. Amount used will vary per person. I am on the small side, and don’t need to use much. Decided to give the product a real test on my older brother. My brother used the product for a month, and he lost an inch off his waist. He did stop his regular workout routine, and just ate sensible. Listen this is no way a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. Think of this product as a tool to get you where you want to be. All said we enjoyed using the product. Was surprised that it actually worked.

Hopefully all of you are having a blessed day. Thanks for stopping by, and reading my blog.

Product Review: Vita Sciences Maxasorb Melatonin Cream……

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest & fair review. The thoughts in this blog are my own.

Happy Saturday everyone. Hope that the first Saturday in May has treated you well. Today I am doing a product review. The company is Vita Sciences, and product is their Maxasorb Melatonin Cream. Yes that is right I did say a Melatonin Cream.


The idea of a Melatonin Cream is a new concept for myself. In the past have used Melatonin pills. At first I was skeptical about the Melatonin Cream idea. Still I decided to keep an open mind, and give the product a fair try. Maxasorb Melatonin Cream comes in a 1.7fl oz pump top plastic bottle.


What is Melatonin? Well Melatonin is a hormone produced in the human body. What does it do? Melatonin kind of signals the body when it’s time to sleep. Most of us are used to taking Melatonin supplement pills. Idea of a Melatonin cream is a unique concept.

*** About Vita Science Maxasorb Melatonin Cream: Using Maxasorb Melatonin as directed is a safe and will help Decrease the time needed to fall asleep; Increase sleepiness; Increase sleep duration. Infused with antioxidants and moisturizers, greaseless Maxasorb Melatonin is easily absorbed into your skin. Each 1.7 ounce bottle delivers 60 applications of lotion in protected and measured amounts. Natural ingredients assure this lotion is gentle to your skin. ***

Why a Melatonin Cream versus the standard pills? Many people have difficulties swallowing pills. My brother has a very sensitive stomach so often supplements upset his stomach. Like the idea of using a Melatonin cream. How much Maxasorb Melatonin cream should you use? One pump of the Melatonin cream just before bed is all you will need.


Vita Sciences Maxasorb Melatonin is safe for adults & children 18 years of age or older. One pump of the product has 3 mgs of Melatonin. Cream is thick, but not greasy. This cream is unscented, and like that! Maxasorb Melatonin Cream should last an entire month. I apply it to my clavicle area, but any place is fine.

This is one does of  Melatonin cream.

This is one does of Melatonin cream.

Have been using this product for almost a month now. Have used this product on a regular basis, and can share my honest thoughts. Since using Maxasorb Melatonin Cream have slept better. In the morning I awake refreshed. Have not experienced any drowsiness. Did not experience any skin break outs from using this cream.

One night I decided not to use the product, and my sleep was not as deep. That next morning I woke up tired, and cranky. Vita Sciences Maxasorb Melatonin Cream works for me. With any supplement consistency is key. Having said that this product is not habit forming. Now at $19.95 it’s on the expensive side. I do wish the price point was lower. Feel safe using this product, and would highly recommend it to anyone with issues getting to sleep.

Thank you to both Tomoson & Vita Sciences for introducing me to this new product. Thank you to all of my readers for stopping by this post. Have an awesome weekend, and stay blessed.