Product Review + a Giveaway: Fresh Feet From Fresh Body…

Disclosure: I was sent this product complimentary in exchange for an honest & fair review. The thoughts in this blog are my own.

Greetings everyone. Hopefully your Tuesday is treating you well. Today I will be reviewing & hosting a giveaway for Fresh Feet from Fresh Body.


Let’s keep it real & be very honest. Often our feet can get sweaty & uncomfortable. Everyone & anyone can have this issue. If you have feet… your feet can get sweaty. Of course often a by product of sweat can be an uncomfortable feeling & odor. Yeah no one want’s stinky, sweaty feet.


Maybe you have never heard of the product, and don’t know what it is. So Fresh Feet starts off as soothing cream, and eventually dries to a cooling powder. Actually it’s like those powder sprays, but with no mess. It has a love mint or tea tree like scent. It also have a nice cooling sensation to the feet.

Both the product, and the company are new to me. At first wasn’t sure if it would work, but it does. Used this product during a regular day of walking, and yes it kept my feel feeling fresh. Made sure to apply my Fresh Feet before physical therapy, and the product never let me down.

How do you use the product? It’s best to have clean, dry feet. Shake the product well before application. I need about a quarter sized amount for each foot. I like to apply it to the tops, bottoms, and my heels. Shortly after you apply the cream it transform to the powder like state. Having said that it doesn’t make your feet look powdery or weird. I do feel a level of confidence when using this product.

About the giveaway. This giveaway is limited to the US only. At the bottom of this post you can enter the giveaway. Want to thank Fresh Body for allowing me to try their product, and hosting a giveaway. Please enter, and wishing you luck. Stay blessed!

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9 thoughts on “Product Review + a Giveaway: Fresh Feet From Fresh Body…

  1. erinjamesferguson says:

    Great review. It’s always so hard to find a product to help you when you have sweaty feet that actually works to help keep them fresh. Sounds like a great product.

  2. Sound like I need some of this, I am entering giveaway, my feet are the sweatiest, even when I wear sandals my feet will sweat. I am glad this worked well, I am gonna have to give it a try. Great review yet again!

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