Product Review: Oz Naturals Sunscreen SPF 30 Anti-Aging Solar Shield…..

Disclaimer: I was sent this product complimentary in exchange for an honest, and fair review. There are my thoughts, and experiences with this product.

While it’s only June the sun is out, and very hot. Today I want to share with you a product review for a product from Oz Naturals. Today’s product is their Anti-Aging Solar Shield sunscreen with SPF 30.


I have been using Oz Naturals sunscreen with SPF 30 for a little over a month now. Regardless of the time of year I wear sunscreen when going outside. Luckily I had the chance to review Oz Naturals Anti-Aging Solar Shield sunscreen with SPF 30. This sunscreen protects your skin from both UVA & UVB rays.


Most important thing about this sunscreen is that it’s all natural. The texture of this sunscreen is lovely. In many ways it has a milky like texture. Noticed from using it that is has a clean, light scent to which I like. Find that it absorbs quickly, and does not leave any chalky like haze on your skin. I apply this sunscreen from my head to my legs. Was so HAPPY to find out that even during sweating this sunscreen did not burn or cause discomfort to my eyes. Thank you for that OZ Naturals!

Have to be honest about one point. One the box the directions say apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure. Now on the bottle it says…,”Apply evenly 3 minutes before sun exposre, and reapply every 90 minutes.” Since I use sunscreen often I wait the 15 minutes until sun exposure.


Have used both drugstore & luxury brand sunscreen, and Oz Natural gives you the protection, and feel of the luxury brands. Having said that Oz Naturals does not charge you a luxury brand price. It’s slightly more than a drug store brand, but it worth the price. Currently I was able to find Oz Naturals sunscreen for $17.49 for a 4 oz bottle.

Overall I am very happy with the performance of this sunscreen. Would like it if this product came in a bigger size. Please find a link to directly purchase the product below.

Buy Oz Naturals Sunscreen on Amazon:

Thank you for stopping by my blog, and have a blessed day.

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