Product Review: Fresh Richie Body Wipes by Luxury Barbers…

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest & fair product review. The thoughts in this blog are my own.

Hey friends how are all of you? Hopefully your Friday is going well. Hard to think that tomorrow is July 4. Wow! Yeah it’s summer, and it’s hot & humid outside. Today I want to share with you a product review for Fresh Richie Body Wipes by The Luxury Barber.


This product is a way to stay fresh at all times. While these wipes are marketed for men think it’s great for anyone. All of us travel through out the day. This “traveling” could mean being on a vacation, but we all travel daily. In this modern world we are all on the go.


Fresh Richie towelettes are individually wrapped & are great for on the go. Each box of wipes has ten individually wrapped towelettes. As you can see from my photo the packaging is discrete & so nothing screams cleaning wipes. Find this product a quick way to freshen yourself up. One individually wrapped towelette is small enough to keep in a bag or wallet. Simply open the packet, remove the towelette, unfold it, and use it. Another plus is that it’s flushable.


My brothers, and I love these wipes. Fresh Richie Body Wipes can be used on your face, underarms, chest, neck, & personal areas. What I love is that these wipes don’t burn or sting your skin, and you also feel moisturized after using. Find that the scent is nice & clean. Find that Fresh Richie Body Wipes have a scent that is great for men or women. The fragrance is mint & chamomile, and it’s balanced. The scent is fresh & clean.


My thoughts on Fresh Richie Body Wipes for Men by Luxury Barber. These wipes actually freshen your body up, and get rid of the funk. The size is just right not to big or to small. Another great positive is that these wipes don’t sting or burn to the skin. The price for 10 wipes is $9.95 & find it to be fairly priced. Do wish that there was a discount for buying multiple boxes in one transaction. Would love to keep many boxes on hand. These wipes actually neutralizes odors, and conditions your skin. I do plan to purchase these wipes, and will take some on my vacation in the fall time. Great product!

Below I have placed links to directly buy the product & to Luxury Barber’s homepage.

Buy Fresh Richie Flushable Wipes 10-pack:
Visit Luxury Barber homepage for many awesome grooming products:

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