Product Review: Strawberry #Melatonin Gummies

Find that many of us have problems getting to sleep, and staying a sleep. I can be one of those who have trouble sleeping. Personally I don’t like taking pills to help you sleep, but I will use natural products. Recently I had a chance to try some Melationin Gummies.

Gummies come Maritz Mayer Laboratories. Normally I won’t take a sleeping pill, but wanted to try these gummies, and it’s not a sleeping pill. What is Melatonin? It’s a hormone that is secreted by the pineal gland.


About two weeks now I have been using these gummies. Upon opening the bottle I was hit with a rather strong odor. Have to be honest that I was concerned they would taste bad. So with trepidation I decided to try these gummies.


How did the gummies taste? Actually they were good tasting. Texture was really good, and was not to hard nor to soft. For my taste they were a bit on the sweet side.

What should you know about these melatonin gummies? Well let’s talk about the dosage. The bottle says take 2 gummies. Try to take them about 30 minutes before bed time. Two gummies has about 30 calories with 5000 mcg of melatonin. The gummies have no artificial colors, and are made in the USA.

My experience with the melatonin gummies. After two weeks I do feel that my sleep was better. With that being said I did not notice that was sleeping better or getting to sleep easier until the third night. Never experienced any grogginess or negative effects at all. If you have troubles getting to sleep or staying a sleepy it’s worth trying these melatonin gummies. Below I shall place a link to purchase them.

Melatonin Gummies on Amazon:

Will continue to take these gummies, and when I have finished the bottle I may decided to repurchase, but the price is a bit steep for my pockets. Have a blessed day, and thanks for stopping by.

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest, and fair product review.

Product Review: Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum

Yes it’s a Thursday, and it’s time for a product review. Today’s product is from Valentia. The product is their Royal Rose Hydrating Serum. When I first heard about the product concept… I just had to review it!



What can this serum do for your skin? Most important aspect of this serum for myself is that it’s hydrating serum. Find this serum hydrating enough you could almost skin your moisturizing step. Just as important is the fact that the serum provides for antioxidant protection. Royal Rose serum will also even your skin tone, and improve overall texture. If you want makeup optional skin, use this serum as it boost your skin radiance. Below shall share just a few of the serums key active ingredients.

Key Ingredients: Rose Damasccena, Vitamin B, Rosehip Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Bearberry, Lavender.



The ingredients mentioned above are all powerhouse skin care ingredients. Product developers at Valentia know the perfect ratio of ingredients. Formulation of this serum is able to deliver great skin care for anyone! Now I have used this serum for maybe two weeks now. Make sure to use the serum twice a day every day.

Pleasurable is a good word to describe this serum. Serum has a very light Rose scent to it. Fragrance actually comes from the floral oils so it’s natural, and subtle. Fragrance alone is a great reason to use this serum. Found this serum to be truly hydrating, and on some days I skipped my moisturizing step. My skin felt hydrated while still feeling balanced. My oily forehead no longer looks like an oil slick. Thank you Valentia for that aspect alone. My skin looks better with this serum! Loving the results of this serum. This serum would be great for anyone with sensitive skin.



I need about two pumps of the serum to cover my face, and neck. When applying this serum work it in with light upward strokes. This will allow serum to sink in. Was really happy that this serum was not heavy nor was it too thin. Can’t wait to see my full results after a month. If any of you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. Below I shall place links to buy the product, and visit Valentia homepage.

Buy Royal Rose Hydrating Serum:

Visit Valentia Homepage:

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest, and fair product review. The thoughts in this blog are my own.

Ulove Hair Brazilian Virgin Hair Sale

Good evening everyone. Well it’s warm, and rainy March evening. Hopefully the weather is better wherever you all are. This blog post is to let you all know about a sale going on with Ulove hair.

Ok Ulove hair is of course a weave hair vendor on Amazon. This hair is actually virgin hair. My friends over at Ulove hair sell virgin hair from mainly Brazil & Peru. Today would like to share with you two specials of Virgin Brazilian Hair.


First up I want to talk about my favorite texture. I am a major fan of Ulove Hair Virgin Brazilian Wavy hair. Love the waves of this hair. So many people can wear this texture of hair. Texture of their Brazilian hair is a perfect match to my own hair texture. It’s important to know that since this hair is virgin hair the color may vary slightly from bundle to bundle.


So let’s talk about this sale/promotion on Ulove hair Virgin Brazilian Wavy Bundles. For example you can get 3 bundles of 14″ hair for $71 with free shipping. That is an amazing deal. Basically Ulove will be selling these bundles for business cost. Other vendors often charge 65 or more for only 1 bundle.

I personally own this texture of hair from Ulove hair.  Yes the photos of their hair is beautiful, but the hair is even better in person. I tend to like the 16 & 18 inch budles, but that is a personal preference.

Maybe your not into the wavy hair texture, but worry not Ulove hair has you covered. Another popular texture is their Brazilian Virgin Remy Straight hair bundles.


With this sale you shall also get 3 bundles of hair. Of course Ulove hair has a great selection of lengths.  One of their most popular selections is a mixture of 10,12, 14 inch hair. Price is only $82 with free shipping.


Think the straight texture is a great way to get into weave hair. Find their Brazilian Virgin Remy hair can blend with many textures of naturally straight or relaxed hair.


With so many virgin hair vendors online why choose Ulove Hair? Best reason to choose Ulove hair as your hair vendor is because of quality. Have bought lots of virgin weave hair, and this company hair is top quality.  Bundles I have bought all have been beautiful. When your hair arrives you will notice the quality of the wefts. Wefts are not bulky, and so they are easy to install via a sewin.  Ends of the hair are beautiful. No split ends or dryness on this hair. Normally each bundles is about 100 grams. Hair has a beautiful natural luster to it. With most virgin hair you may find some grays. With Ulove I found 2 grays hairs at the most.

Dealing with this company is a pleasure. The staff members I have been in contact with were so sweet, and polite. Find that the hair also ships pretty fast! Below I shall place links to buy the hair.

Ulove Virgin Brazilian Wavy Hair:
Ulove Virgin Brazilian Remy Straight Hair:

Ulove Hair Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Weave

Disclosure: I received these products at a discounted price in exchange for, an honest, and fair review.

Today let’s talk about hair. Think everyone likes to change up their hair. Changing up one’s hair can be very easy with the use of weaving hair & wigs. Some people want to add length, while others want fuller hair. Recently I have been working with a company called Ulove Hair. Ulove hair sells affordable virgin weaving hair & closures on Amazon.


As I said Ulove Hair is virgin weaving hair & closure pieces. This company sells their products on Amazon at very low prices. So why buy virgin hair? Versatility is the reason to by virgin weaving hair & closure. Virgin hair is unprocessed, and that means you can, dye, bleach, perm whatever you wish.


Ulove Hair is virgin hair at affordable prices. My favorite is the virgin body wave hair. Normally I make wigs, and clip in extensions to change up my style, and for my friends & clients.



Why choose Ulove hair? I find the quality of Ulove hair to be a premium quality hair. When choosing virgin hair online it can often be a hit or miss purchase. However the closure, and weaving hair I received is top notch. When my hair first arrived it did not have that corn chip smell. Tried running my fingers, and a comb through the hair, and I had maybe two strands of shedding. Another thing to consider when purchasing virgin hair is weft construction. Ulove hair has a beautifully constructed weft.


Photo above showcases the well made weft of Ulove hair. Think another positive of this companies hair it that the hair is the same thickness from the weft to the ends. These wefts have lots of hair, and the ends are beautiful. I can easily make a wig with three bundles of hair, and a closure.

The closure above of course came from my friends at Ulove hair. The texture is Brazilian body wave. Hair is beautiful, thick, and healthy. Density is important with a good closure. This closure is thick without being bulk. Regardless if you do a full sew in or a weave this closure shall give you a natural look.

When choosing a closure the lace needs to be quality. A quality lace closure has give to it, and that’s important as most people choose to sew down their closure. Normally I use a weaving cap when making wigs. Ulove hair closure has give to it, and it will not tear. Plan on bleaching this closure, and my bundles to create a custom look. Did a test strand on this hair, and it bleached beautifully.



What should you do when your Ulove hair first arrives? Of course first inspect the hair, and make sure it suits your needs. Next action is to wash your virgin hair. Best process for washing any virgin hair is to co wash the hair. Co washing is using conditioner to wash the hair. This shall keep the hair hydrated, and that’s important with weaving hair. Would also suggest using cool water. Never use hot water, but that’s my suggestion!

Ulove hair is one of my favorite virgin hair vendors. Find that Ulove hair is top quality. Hair is beautiful, thick, and healthy! I have bought hair from other companies for hundreds of dollars, and the quality was not good. If you want beautiful virgin hair the best company to buy from is Ulove hair. With other hair companies you will find lots of gray hairs or the end of the hair are dry. Many other companies hair sheds heavily. The hair I bough from Ulove had healthy ends, and found no gray hairs.

When you think of buy virgin hair buy from Ulove hair on Amazon. Hair I bought was beautiful, and exceeded my expectations. Spoke with staff from Ulove hair, and they were so sweet. Below you shall find a link to Ulove hair store on amazon. Please tell them Terry sent you, and mention my blog post please.

Buy Ulove Hair on Amazon: