Voice37 vocal booster by Clyor.

When dealing with any health issue I try to go the natural route. Actually with cleaning, or any problem I try to use natural products. Personally feel better using natural products.

For a few days now I’ve been using VOICE37 by CLYOR. This product is a vocal booster, but it’s more than just that. While I am not a singer or public speaker it’s a highly useful product for anyone.


This product has helped to clear up my sinus, and my hoarse voice. Product is a herbal supplement. It’s very easy to use. Simply use 3/4 of a dropper in 2-3oz of water. Directions recommend 1 up to 2oz, but I need more water. Taste isn’t bad, but it’s different. Do this twice a day.

About 2 days into use I noticed my voice was sounding much better. Around the 4th day my sinus were all clear. If you have anyone who gets congested often this is a fantastic product.

At first thought a product such as this would not be a benefit in my life, but I was wrong. True I’m not a singer, or public speaker. That being said it’s great for sore or hoarse throats. It’s also a benefit for those with sinus issues.

Here is a link to the product https://clyor.com/voice37

I received this product complimentary in exchange for a review. The thoughts in this post are my own experience whilst using this product.



Perfect Nail Solution a natural way to heal nail fungus.

Think all of us have had issues with nail fungus at some time. We may not want to admit it, but it happens. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but it’s best to deal with it. Personally I’d rather use a more natural product.

For several days now I’ve been using the Perfect Nail Solution. It’s a natural nail fungal solution. Basically it uses powerful essential oils to deal with problem.

Ease of use is just as important to me, and you can’t get any easier than two steps. Step 1 put a few drops nail soak solution into warm water. Id suggest only having enough water just to cover your toes or fingers. Simply soak for 5 or more minutes. Oh since the product is natural it has a clean, herb like, natural fragrance, and no pain or burning from it. YES!



Moving on to step 2. After your foot soak dry your foot or hand well. Next up add your topical solution. This product also has that faint natural smell which is nice to me. So apply it all over the toe area top, sides of the nail. Allow it to dry before putting on socks.

What about results? After the third use I noticed the natural color, and normal texture returning. If you have a very bad nail fungal problem you could safely use it twice a day. I’ve only used it once a day. Going to continue to use the product and get more results.

If your interested in trying the product here is a link to buy it. It’s fairly priced, and they shipped the product fast. I did receive this product in exchange for an honest review. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XIQVA7U


Scent Library Perfumed Oils: Sunshine

It’s a great Sunday evening, and I’m back with a product review. This review shall be for, “Scent Library.’ The fragrances from this company are oil based. The fragrance I’m reviewing today is Scent Library’s version of, “Amouage Sunshine.”


Now the original scent is marketed at men, but this version comes across as more unisex. Top notes have a light, floral scent. The middle notes come across as citrus, vanilla, and more. Base notes come across as earthy. Honestly both men, and women can wear this scent.


When wearing this scent I feel energized. Compared to the original I prefer Scent Library’s version. This version is refreshing, crisp, sensual, friendly, and enticing. Having said that the scent is not heavy or overpowering.


Why would you want to choose a fragranced oil? Best reason to choose a fragranced oil is the longevity of the scent. In my experience I find that the scent last at least 6-8 hours. When choosing a fragranced based oil you want a top quality product. Scent Library is the company to shop with.


Scent Library has a large selection of fragrances. Their selection covers Middle Eastern, Western, Ladies, and more. The oils used to create the fragrances are top quality. Scent Library is a UK based company, but they ship worldwide.

Apply your fragranced oil to your pule points. Just a tiny dab of the product will last all day. These scents are not overpowering nor do they cause myself to have a headache. Products on their online store are reasonably priced. Below I shall place a direct link to the product.

Buy Scent Library’s Sunshine: http://scentlibrary.co.uk/product/amouage-sunshine/

Visit Scent Library’s homepage: http://scentlibrary.co.uk/

Product Review: S.M.A.R.T. Creatine v3

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest, and fair review. The thoughts in this blog are my own.


If your into working out it’s important to add in supplements to boost your results. Dependent upon your own personal needs or goals will help you to choose a supplement. One general supplement that can be a benefit to any athlete or fitness buff is Creatine.

What is Creatine? Basically Creatine helps to improve your strength, and lean muscle mass. It also helps to recover your muscles after a workout. Normally it’s in a powder form, and you can mix it with water, and have it before or after your workout.


About two weeks now I have been using S.M.A.R.T. Creatine in the lemon lime flavor. This product can be used either pre or post workout. Personally I like best post workout. Feel as if it helps my muscle better recover after a workout. Have also tried it almost 30 minutes before my workout, and felt had better stamina, and focus.


So how do you use it? For a preworkout take 1 scoop mixed with water, and have that about 30 minutes before your workout. As a post workout use 1-2 scoops mixed with your favorite sports recovery beverage or water. Personally I use only 1 scoop.

Helping with lean muscle mass, and recover sound like great things. How does it taste? I find it taste pretty good. Lemon/Lime flavor tasted great. I like it best when using 1 scoop. Taste is not strong nor does it have that medicated taste. Have tried other creatine that tasted awful. Was surprised that actually enjoyed drinking it.

Since I have only used this for about two weeks it’s hard to judge results. When I use it preworkout do notice better focus, endurance. Using it post workout feel as if I am able to recover much quicker. Shall continue to use this product. Since I like the taste will buy the watermelon flavor also. Shall place a link below to purchase it on amazon.

Buy S.M.A.R.T. Creatine on Amazon: https://goo.gl/lIcJF3

Product Review: Cove Castile Soap

Good morning. Hopefully all of you are having a wonderful Saturday. Been away for a while, but I’m back. Today I shall be reviewing Cove Castile Soap Lavender.

Been using the product for about two weeks now. Cove Castile soap is unique as it’s all natural & Vegan friendly. Another awesome fact is that all of the ingredients are also biodegradable.

Personally I like to think of Castile soap as a multi purpose use product. It’s great for your body, hair, and home use. Very impressed that Cove’s Castile soap is pure & natural. Oh, and by the way the Lavender scent is light, and beautiful.


Maybe my favorite use is as a body wash. To create the body wash use 1/2 cup of your Cove Castile soap & 1/2 distilled water. I also like to add in a little extra Lavender essential oil. Use it like any other body wash. I find my skin feels hydrated, and healthy all day long.

My second favorite use is as a window cleaner. Use 1 tbsp. of castile soap to 4 cups warm water, and clean your windows. I get a streak free window with minimal effort. Below I shall place a link to purchase this wonderful product on amazon.

Cove Castile Soap: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01E9ALV0E

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary in exchange for a product review. Have a blessed day friends.

Product Review: ALLOGI The Rouge Anti-Aging Serum

Good morning everyone. Hopefully all of you are having a great Sunday morning. Today I am reviewing a serum from Allogi Beauty. Serum is called The Rouge anti-aging serum.



I have been using this serum for only a few weeks now. Yes this is an anti-aging serum, but it’s more than just that. A few other benefits are for firming, brightening & hydration. I was surprised that this serum has only four ingredients. Two main powerhouse ingredients are the Hyaluronic acid, and Rooibos Tea extract.

With all serums apply it to clean, dry skin. This serum is a bit on the thick side, and also has a slight sticky feeling. At first I was using a bit to much of the serum. For my face I need only two pumps. Serum took while to absorb into my skin, and getting use to the sticky like quality took so getting use to.



Some serums I notice results quickly, but it took my skin about a week to notice any results. Did notice a slight brightening to my skin, and maybe with time this will increase. My skin does have a firmer look to it. Think with time I will notice more results. Just need to allow the serum more time. Luckily there is no stinging with this serum.

Buy The Rouge Anti-Aging Serum on amazon: https://goo.gl/RXrkyN

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest, and fair review.

Product Review: Dynamic Sonic Instant Eye Lift

With all of the squinting, smiling, and other repetitive facial movements it cause your eyes to appear tired or older. I have had the luck to try Dynamic Sonic Instant Eye lift. This product gives you the look of an eyelift, but minus the pain, and cost. While many eye products can take weeks to show results with this product it’s instant gratification. The eye lift product comes in what looks like a futuristic syringe.



I have been using this product for over a week now, and so far I’m loving it. Product is more like a gel texture, and it’s a red like color. Dynamic Sonic Instant Eye Lift is easy to use like any eye product. Tap the top of the syringe lightly, and one drop is enough for both eyes. With an expressionless face lightly tap eye gel under your eyes where you see lines or puffiness. Allow the product to dry. It takes around a minute. I did notice a slight tingling, and warmth for a short time. Having said that it was not painful at all.


About a minute or two after applying the Dynamic Sonic Instant Eye lift I noticed my eyes looked younger. True my eyes looked younger, but more important I looked well rested too. If that wasn’t enough notice my smile lines were also no longer noticeable. Noticed that the darkness under the eyes also disappeared. My eyes feel hydrated also. The results lasted for hours. Feel as if with this product the results are also cumulative. When using this product daily you shall notice more, and more results.


At first I was nervous about using this product; because thought it would be difficult to use. It was very easy to use, and there was no guess work. Believe this product is to be used under the eyes only. My best advice is to very lightly tap the syringe top so you wont waist the eye gel. Love using this product. It’s great for men, women or anyone whos eyes are looking tired.

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Disclosure: I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest, and fair review.