Adovia Dead Sea Bath Salts ~ 100% Pure : Product Review

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest, and fair review. The thoughts in this blog are my own.

Good afternoon to all of you. Yeah it’s another hot & humid day today! Today want to share with you my experience with Adovia Dead Sea Bath Salts. These bath salts are 100% pure in a 1.75 pound bag. Luckily I have reviewed several products from Adovia in the past. Have never been let down with any products from Adovia.


As previously stated I received a 1.75 pound bag which is resealable. It’s important to know this product has no additives, scents, colors added. Dead sea salts have a higher mineral content than Epsom salt. These minerals help to soften & nurture your skin.

Directions: Pour 1 cup of bath salts into warm bath water, allow to dissolve, and soak for 20 minutes.

Those directions are very simple, and easy to follow. Personally I think that a 1/2 cup works just as well, and you can some money. I did try both amounts, and noticed great results both time. Oh on a side note I love for my water to be very hot, but that’s just me. Soak as long as you can! After soaking noticed did not have the aching joints, and skin looked great.


Why choose Adovia Dead Sea Bath salts over drug store brands? Quality is the reason. Like that these bath salts fully dissolve in my water, and there is no hard bits to damage your skin. Find another great positive is that no residue is left in your bathtub. Listen I do not want to clean my tub after a releaxing bath. My skin felt soft & looked great.


Ideas for other uses:

Dead Sea Salt Scrub: This is so easy to make. Take 1 cups of dead sea salt, 1/4 cup of carrier oil, 16 drops of lavender essential oil. 1 tsp vitamin E oil. Mix it all together, and store in an air tight jar. OF course use the carrier oil of your choice & the essential oil. The vitamin E oil keeps it shelf stable. This also makes a great gift.

Sea Salt Spray for Your Hair: I know that hair sea salt sprays for that beach look are popular & expensive. Of course you will need a spray bottle, and you can easily find one at the dollar store. When making your mixture use hot water about 1 cup. I use 3 tbsp. of dead sea salt, 1 tsp of conditioner, few drops of lemon essential oils. Place all of the ingredients in the bottle, put your spray top on, and shake it. Each time before using would suggest to shake it again. This will give you that beach look to your hair.

Love using natural products such as Adovia Dead Sea Bath Salts. Love to soak after my physical therapy sessions, and this has helped with the pain. It’s a multi use product that is great for everyone. Thank you to Adovia for allowing myself to try another product. To all of my friends thanks for stopping by, and reading my review. Stay blessed.