Product Review: Zakia’s Moroccan Black Soap, Kessa Exfoliating Mitt & Argan Oil.

Happy Sunday to all of you. Yes it’s another hot & humid day. Today wanted to do another product review for products from Zakia’s Morocco. As many of you know I did a past review for their Ghassoul Clay Mask which I love and use weekly. Was very excited to have the chance to experience more products from Zakia’s Morocco.

Shall be reviewing three products today. Will be reviewing Zakia’s Moroccan Black Soap, Kessa Exfoliating Mitt & the Argan oil. Like that this company is privately owned & it’s a family business. Zakia is sharing her secrets for great skin & hair. With all of that being said let’s get into the reviews.

Zakia’s Moroccan Black Soap: Normally most soaps come in a bottle with a pump or in a bar form. So this process of soap is new to me, but I was open to the process. Actually it’s very easy to use. The consistency of this soap could be compared to a caramel syrup. This product has an earthy like scent, but it will disappear.

Directions to use Zakia’s Moroccan Black Soap: First make sure your bath or shower water is hot. Allow the water to warm up your skin for a few minutes first. Use a generous pinch of the soap, and place on your skin. Use a loofah or face cloth to work in circular motions. It’s suggested to leave on for 5 to 10 minutes so it can unclog your pores, and it does.

Pros: Yes this form of soap is new to me, but I enjoyed using it. This soap will not strip your skin. Actually found it to be hydrating & nourishing. Another positive is that this soap is great on your face & body. If any of you have issues with face or body acne then you will adore this product. True this is a soap, but think of it as a face & body treatment also.

Con: This product has an earth scent to it. Normally I am use to heavily fragranced soaps, and so it was an adjustment. Since this product is good for the skin I don’t mind the earthy scent. Oh the scent will dissipate so no worries.

Potassium Olivate,
Potassium Hydroxyde
Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (Argan Oil)

Kessa Royal Exfoliating Glove: I love this exfoliating glove. Everyone needs to exfoliate their skin. Exfoliated skin looks healthier, and is healthier as it removes toxins from the skin. I would suggest using the glove at least twice a week. Oh if you self tan you need this glove to remove the old, dry & dead skin. What a fabulous glove, and it’s easy to keep clean.

Directions: After you have cleansed your skin with your Zakia’s Black Moroccan soap it’s time to use your glove. This glove can be used on your face & body. Of course be more gentle with the skin on your face. Start with a side to side motion followed by up & down. From the first use I noticed old skin rolling off. After you have finished exfoliating rinse off with warm water.

Pros: It’s very easy to use, and exfoliates without using harsh chemicals. My skin looks vibrant & refreshed. I do not need to use as much body butter or lotions on my skin. Feel as if my skin is more balanced too. Of course my favorite benefit is how good my self tanner looks, and it last much longer thanks to this exfoliating glove.

Cons: There are no cons to this this glove. It’s awesome!


Zakia’s 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil: I am a lover of Argan oil. It’s great to use on your hair, face, body & nails. I received the 2fl. oz argan oil. This bottle will last you a long time. Zakia’s Argan oil is Eco Cert organic.

Pros: This Argan oil is moisturizing without being greasy or heavy. My skin just absorbs the oil. Like a product that is multi use. Honestly I use from my head to my toes. My skin looks hydrated all day long from one application.

Cons: Once again no con to this product. Hope to try one of the scented Argan oils next.


I have enjoyed using all of these products. It’s great that these products are both effective & affordable. The staff at Zakia’s Morocco is focused on delivering high quality products. With each product you will get lots of great information to successfully use the products. Zakia’s Morocco has products to care for all of your beauty needs.

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Thank you Zakia for allowing me to try more of your great products. Want to thank my readers for stopping by & here is a coupon code to save 20% at Zakia’s store. ZMBLOG-227

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary in exchange for an honest, and fair review. The thoughts in this blog are my own.