Product Review: Coffee Crazy French Roast USDA Organic Whole Bean Coffee

Disclaimer: I received complimentary in exchange for an honest, and fair review. The thoughts in this blog are my own.

Each morning I start my day with coffee. Yes I am a coffee lover. Make my coffee in many ways. Often I brew up my coffee in a Keurig machine, but also use a French press. Had the luck to try a French Roast coffee from Coffee Crazy. Received a 12 ounce bag of whole bean coffee.


This coffee is USDA Organic. First thing I noticed when opening the bag of coffee was the smell. Smell of this coffee is heavenly. Often many French roasted coffee’s have a burnt like smell, but not Coffee Crazy’s. The fragrance of this coffee is bold, but not overpowering. The coffee beans are a love shade of brown, and not over roasted like many.

So we know about the appearance & fragrance of the coffee, but how does it taste? Love how smooth this coffee taste. Often many French Roast coffee’s have a burnt or acrid quality to it. Coffee Crazy’s French roast is the bold, rich & has a smooth finish. Normally I add cream, and sugar in my coffee, but with this coffee just add cream. My brothers like their coffee black, and they are loving Coffee Crazy’s French Roast.


When I make coffee try to grind only what I’m going to use at that moment. This is a dark roast coffee. Find that less is more with any dark roast coffee. It’s still going to have a rich taste, but it won’t be overpowering or harsh. I also like to add some freshly grated nutmeg to coffee grounds. Many dark roast coffee’s have a harsh aftertaste, but not this one. Highly suggest this coffee to anyone who claims to dislike a dark roasted coffee.

Below I have posted links to buy the coffee on amazon as well as Coffee Crazy’s homepage.
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Thank you to Coffee Crazy for allowing me to try their coffee. Thank you to all of my friends for stopping by my blog. Stay blessed!