Product Review: OUMAX Smart Watch S6

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest, and fair review. The thoughts in this blog are my own.

Good afternoon everyone. Hope that all of you are having a terrific Monday. I am having a great day today! Today I shall be reviewing a smart watch from OUMAX. The smart watch is the OUMAX Smart Watch S6. This is latest in OUMAX’s smart watch collection.

OUMAX Smart Watch S6_1

I love to have the latest tech gadgets. Smart watches are very hot in the tech market. Many of the well known brands are very expensive, and are honestly out of my price range. Luckily there are companies such as OUMAX which are making products that are equal to the name brands.

Have to brag on OUMAX because of how awesome their smart watch is. The OUMAX Smart Watch S6 is amazing. The display is just beautiful, and easy to see. Believe the display size is 1.54inch led display. Resolutions is 240×240 pixels, with a dual core cpu.

While I love new tech gadgets many are difficult to setup, and use. However OUMAX was so easy to get started with. OUMAX Smart Watch S6 can be used with Andriod & IOS devices. After first fully charging the battery on my S6 smart watch had it up in running in about 3 minutes. Yes it was that easy!

Another impressive plus for this smart watch is the battery life. My brother has a very expensive name brand smart watch, and he’s constantly charging it. I use my smart watch just as much as he uses his, but mine needs charging about twice a week. Comfort is another important aspect of the OUMAX Smart Watch S6. Can wear this watch all day with no problems.


Often I can keep my phone in my pocket or bag. My OUMAX Smart Watch S6 allows me to send emails, check texts, make calls, and much more. Call quality on this smart watch is crystal clear. It’s easy to send, and receive texts. Love how my OUMAX S6 looks it’s very modern, crisp, clean & so cool! This smart watch is very well made. All of my friends are impressed by this watch. Below I will place links to directly purchase the watch & to OUMAX homepage.

Buy the OUMAX Smart Watch S6 on Amazon:
Visit OUMAX homepage to find out about their other products:

I just want to thank Raymond from OUMAX for allowing me to test their watch. Plan to invest in one their fitness trackers. Very impressed with the quality of their products. It’s so cool that a company such as OUMAX is around so everyone can have affordable, reliable tech products.