Ulove Hair Brazilian Virgin Hair Sale

Good evening everyone. Well it’s warm, and rainy March evening. Hopefully the weather is better wherever you all are. This blog post is to let you all know about a sale going on with Ulove hair.

Ok Ulove hair is of course a weave hair vendor on Amazon. This hair is actually virgin hair. My friends over at Ulove hair sell virgin hair from mainly Brazil & Peru. Today would like to share with you two specials of Virgin Brazilian Hair.


First up I want to talk about my favorite texture. I am a major fan of Ulove Hair Virgin Brazilian Wavy hair. Love the waves of this hair. So many people can wear this texture of hair. Texture of their Brazilian hair is a perfect match to my own hair texture. It’s important to know that since this hair is virgin hair the color may vary slightly from bundle to bundle.


So let’s talk about this sale/promotion on Ulove hair Virgin Brazilian Wavy Bundles. For example you can get 3 bundles of 14″ hair for $71 with free shipping. That is an amazing deal. Basically Ulove will be selling these bundles for business cost. Other vendors often charge 65 or more for only 1 bundle.

I personally own this texture of hair from Ulove hair.  Yes the photos of their hair is beautiful, but the hair is even better in person. I tend to like the 16 & 18 inch budles, but that is a personal preference.

Maybe your not into the wavy hair texture, but worry not Ulove hair has you covered. Another popular texture is their Brazilian Virgin Remy Straight hair bundles.


With this sale you shall also get 3 bundles of hair. Of course Ulove hair has a great selection of lengths.  One of their most popular selections is a mixture of 10,12, 14 inch hair. Price is only $82 with free shipping.


Think the straight texture is a great way to get into weave hair. Find their Brazilian Virgin Remy hair can blend with many textures of naturally straight or relaxed hair.


With so many virgin hair vendors online why choose Ulove Hair? Best reason to choose Ulove hair as your hair vendor is because of quality. Have bought lots of virgin weave hair, and this company hair is top quality.  Bundles I have bought all have been beautiful. When your hair arrives you will notice the quality of the wefts. Wefts are not bulky, and so they are easy to install via a sewin.  Ends of the hair are beautiful. No split ends or dryness on this hair. Normally each bundles is about 100 grams. Hair has a beautiful natural luster to it. With most virgin hair you may find some grays. With Ulove I found 2 grays hairs at the most.

Dealing with this company is a pleasure. The staff members I have been in contact with were so sweet, and polite. Find that the hair also ships pretty fast! Below I shall place links to buy the hair.

Ulove Virgin Brazilian Wavy Hair: http://goo.gl/ydxy1A
Ulove Virgin Brazilian Remy Straight Hair: http://goo.gl/tn6dzK