Product review & Giveaway: Wojo Calm…

Disclaimer: I was sent this product complimentary in exchange for an honest, and fair review.

Good evening to you all. Today I shall be review Wojo Calm, and I’m hosting a giveaway for a free product. I am new to the Wojo product line. Wojo is a company that makes liquid supplements that come in premeasured ampoules. Recently I had the luck to try Wojo Calm liquid supplement.


Now let me share with you a product description from Wojo about this product.

Product description: Still the storm from within. Complete an active lifestyle with wojoCALM. Take in a little TLC for yourself, even when you’re on-the-go. Simply add this formulation to any beverage and unwind with soothing ease.

wojoCALM is a single-use, 1.2ml liquid supplement you can add to ANY beverage – hot or cold! wojoCALM has no added flavors – just a mild naturally-occurring flavor you can easily dilute in water or add to your favorite beverage!

All wojo formulations have a base of 6 B vitamins essential to healthy nerve and cell development with additional herbal extracts, amino acids and other vitamins added based on each formulation’s purpose. wojoCALM has no sugar or artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. wojoCALM is also gluten-free, vegan-friendly and environmentally conscious.


My brothers, and myself have all sample this product. I have personally put the supplement in coffee & tea. The taste is noticeable, but it’s not bad. Noticed the taste less when mixed with my coffee. Honestly I did feel more calm, and relaxed. Did it happen soon after? Honestly no, but about 45 minutes later did feel a calm, relaxed feeling. Sure that some you stronger people could take this supplement straight from the ampoule, but I couldn’t. Highly suggest mixing it with coffee!

While Wojo Calm is very effective it’s slightly expensive. A 5 pack of Wojo Calm will cost you about $6.49. However if you buya 30 pack the price comes to $34.99 which comes out cheaper. Personally I would suggest taking this supplement only when you need it, and that will save also.

Thank you to Wojo for allowing me to try their product, and host a giveaway. At the end of the blog you shall find the rafflecopter entry form. Thanks again, and stay blessed.

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Renuzit Pearls Scents Product Review & Giveaway..

Disclosure: I was sent this product complimentary in exchange for an honest, and fair review.

Good evening everyone. Hopefully all of you are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Today I am doing a product review & a giveaway for Renuzit’s Pearls Scents. I am a Purex Insider member, and was lucky enough to try the product, and host a giveaway.

This is Renuzit Pearl Scents in Blue Sky Breeze

This is Renuzit Pearl Scents in Blue Sky Breeze

Renuzit Pearls Scents is a new product. This product is more than just an air freshener. While it give a beautiful scent to any room it also neutralizes odors. The product itself is also beautiful to have in any room. No need to hide Renuzit Pearl Scents.

Renuzit Pearl Scents come in these aromas/fragrances.

** Blue Sky Breeze
** Serenity
** Sparkling Rain
** Tranquil
** Seductive Pineapple

Like many things about this product. One important factor is the product last for about 30 days. I was scent the fragrance, “Blue Sky Breeze.” Another great plus is the scent is not heavy or overpowering. This product has a spa like quality to it. Even a larger room can benefit for having a Pearl Scents in it. Love that this product is also visually appealing. Finally you can find Renuzit Pearls Scents at your local retailer.

The product is easy to use. First remove the decorative lid. Next peel back the seal. Place the product in any room. Those tiny scent pearls will freshen the room as well as neutralize any bad odors. Like that don’t have to plug it in or fire to worry with. Sit it down where you need it, and that’s it.

Lovely pearls help to freshen any room.

Lovely pearls help to freshen any room.

Now on to the fun part the giveaway. In this giveaway one person will win a coupon for 1 free Renuzit Pearls Scent product. The giveaway is limited to the USA. Shall use Rafflecopter to hold the giveaway.

Thank you to Purex Insiders for allowing myself to experience this product, and host a giveaway. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay blessed, and thank you for reading my blog.

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Contest: Win a ONE DIRECTION Autographed Make-up Collection

In celebration of the launch of One Directions new makeup collection at Macy’s I am hosting a giveaway. One of my lucky readers will win an autographed limited edition make-up collection from the band One Direction. This beautiful make-up collection embodies the eclectic, young, fresh & vibrant nature of group One Direction.


These make-up collections can be found at your local Macys. These make-up collections are beautifully curated & they come in a limited edition & signed collectible tins. There are 3 different collections or looks to the line, and they are.

Up All Night Kit: This collection is color, bright, & fun. It’s a collection for a gal that loves to play with colors, and get noticed.
Up All Night
The Up All Night Kit includes:
# Taken- a Liquilights glow gloss that’s a sparkling pink that changes to orange under uv lights.
# 4 + 1 Eye Shadow Pallet in brilliant blues & neutrals:
* “More Than THis” a soft blushing pink
* “Gotta be You” a silvery taupe with a glitter finish
* “Save you Tonight” shimmering turquoise blue
* “Another World” a royal blue shimmer
* “Up All Night” sapphite glitter crème
# “I Should Have Kissed You” a sweet bubblegum pink crème lipstick
# “Little Black Dress” volumizing black mascara
# “Na Na Na” aqua blue metallic nail varnish
# “Stand Up” a dark denim colored eye & body crayon
Midnight Memories Kit:
Midnight Memories
Midnight Memories Kit includes:
# “Through The Dark”- Liquilights Glow GLoss: a glitter poppy colored gloss that changes to a red-orange color under uv light.
# “4 + 1 Eye Shadow Palette in smoky shimmering grays & neutrals:
* “Little White Lies” palest warm gray
* “Don’t Forget Where You Belong” soft pink shimmer
* “Half a Heart” metal gray
* “Strong” charcoal black matte shimmer
* “Midnight Memories” silver glitter crème
# “Best Song Ever” crimson red crème lipstick
# “Little Black Dress” volumizing black mascara
# “Right Now” liquefied metallic steel colored nail varnsh
# “Better Than Words” blackest black eye & body crayon
Take Me Home Kit: Helps you get the effortlessly gorgeous girl next door.
Take Me Home

The Take Me Home Kit includes:
# “Kiss You” Liquilights Glow Gloss: Orange glitter rush lip gloss that changes to a neon yellow under uv lights
# 4 + 1 Eye Shadow Palette in perfect nude shades
* “Back For You” velvet crème
* “Change My Mind” peachy shimmer
* ” Cmon Cmon” a soft taupe
* “Take Me Home” golden glitter crème
# “Last First Kiss” nude-pink sheer lipstick
# “Little Black Dress” volumizing mascara in perfectly black
# “Live While Your Young” gold glitter nail varnish
# “I Wish” warm chocolate brown eye * body crayon

*** Each kit also comes with a 5 piece decorator stencil set…
Winners will receive a Make-up by ONE DIRECTION limited-edition collection of all your beauty essentials in a collectible tin autographed by ONE DIRECTION. The winner will receive ONE of the make-up collections. Please check out the rules to see if you are eligible. Winners will be selected at random. Filling out the form below gives the brand consent to contact you about winning, announcements, & other promotions.

Please click on the link below to enter my contest & good luck & stay blessed.

For more information on Make-up by One Direction click on the link below to learn more.

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