My Autumn trip to Europe & my hope of attending a filming of 8 out of 10 cats.

I do understand that it’s only May 22, but thinking about my trip in the Autumn. Shall start off my trip in London. Big shock right? Sorry I had to be a bit silly. Yes in the past have been to London many times, and love it. Just so much to see & do in London. Shall also go to Germany, Denmark, but not sure where else I’ll go.

My trip will start off in London. My very favorite comedian is John Richardson. Love British humor, and John Richardson has an amazing sense of humor. Just relate to his style of comedy. One show I love to watch is, “8 out of 10 cats.”  it’s a comedy panel show that’s based on opinion panels. The show is hosted by Jimmy Carr & has two team captains Sean Locke & John Richardson. Each week the team captains are joined by two celebrities guest per team. Often they are celebrities who have been in media recently for any number of reasons. This is a very funny show. Since I am in the USA have to watch it via Youtube & that type of source. Please look it up online & try to watch it.

As of yet have not been able to get tickets to a live filming of, “8 out of 10 cats.” One of the only sources for tickets is SRO audiences. Now SRO audiences issues free tickets to all sorts of shows. The tickets are FREE! Yeah that is right I did say free tickets. Not sure if the tickets are first come or via a lottery or how they are allocated. If your planning to visit in London check out their homepage at have shows such as, “Loose Women” which I saw last year. Some other shows are, “The Graham Norton Show”, “Alan Carr’s Chatty Man” & “BackChat with Michael & Jack Whitehall.” Would love to see all of those shows. Just got to SRO Audiences homepage & lots of show are listed. Would recommend looking for clips of the shows to see if you would enjoy attending a filming. Fingers crossed I can get tickets for one of those shows this year. Wish me luck!

Want to also see some theater while in London. High on my list to see is, “Les Miserables”, “Billy Elliott”, and “The Book of Mormon” not sure if the last one is still in production. Yet another thing not to miss is the, Ancient Lives exhibit at the British Museum think it starts this month until November. Lot’s to see, and do in London. While London can be expensive there are lots of free things to do. Just be open to the possibilities. Would also suggest to do a google search for things to do in London.

Do know that I shall be going to Germany & visiting a friend of mine there so at least have free place to stay. My friend Michael is in Berlin & be nice to spend some time there. He will have us visit some other areas also. Still not sure of where else I will travel in Europe, but be assured I shall do my homework.


the opening titles to, “8 out of 10 CATS”


8 out of 10 CATS host Jimmy Carr & team captains Sean Lock & John Richardson


John Richardson my favorite comedian.

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