Product Review: Suntana Self Tanning Mousses Chocolate & Blackerry Scented.

Happy Sunday my friends. Hope you are having a beautiful day. Well everyone summer is here, and it’s hot, and sunny outside. With it being so hot & humid we are all wearing shorts, tank tops, & swimwear. Since we are exposing more skin having a good tan is important. Of course laying outside, and tanning in the sun is not the best thing for our skin health. A better way to tan is using a self tanner.

Over the past month I have been testing some products from Suntana. As many of you know I am a self tanning junky. Luckily I was able to try Suntana’s Self Tanning Mousse in the Chocolate & Blackberry fragrances. Suntana makes many products self tanning sprays, mousses, tan extender & more. Love that their products actually smell good, and you want to use these self tanners.

This is Suntana's Logo.

This is Suntana’s Logo.

Luckily I was able to try Suntana’s darker Self tanning mousses & their thick tanning mitt. Find that this product line is unique in many ways. First thing you will notice is the fragrance. Suntana has fragrances such as Coconut, Cherry, Blackberry & Chocolate. Find that Suntana products are also hydrating to the skin as they have Aloe Vera + other skin loving ingredients.

Suntana Self Tan Chocolate Mousse: Had to use this product first as I love the smell of Chocolate. Was shocked, and amazed how this self tanner smells like real chocolate. Normally self tanners smell awful, but not Suntana products. The mousse itself is very light, and airy. It easily glides on your skin with the mitt, and it absorbs quickly. Chocolate fragrance remains for a few hours, and I love that.

suntana chocolate

Pros: The deliciously decadent is the first thing that comes to mind. Next positive is that you can quickly get dressed after applying the mousse. Find that the lightness of the mousse allows it to glide upon the skin which aids in a better application. Suntana self tanning mousse will last for about a week & half. Like that when it starts to fade it’s gradual. The Chocolate Self Tan Mousse contains 12% DHA. DHA is what helps your skin to tan.

Con: To achieve the color I wanted did need to apply two coasts. My natural skin tone is olive, but I wanted a dark look. Noticed that the Chocolate mousse guide color was not as dark as I would like. Actually that just a small problem, but did miss a small area on my calf.

Suntana Blackberry Mousse “After Dark”: In my opinion this product is the STAR of Suntana product line. Have to be honest at first I was thinking Chocolate would be my favorite, but Blackberry is my favorite. This self tanner really does smell like Blackberries. This mousse has 14% DHA.

Suntana Blackberry

Pros: The richness, and darkness of this self tanner is perfect. Looks like I spent a week on a beach somewhere, and got a natural, dark tan. Of course all of Suntana self tanners smell great, and you actually want to apply the product. One application of the Blackberry “After Dark” mousse helped me to achieve the shade I wanted. Both products give a natural looking color, and don’t worry you wont look orange. Lastly loved that the guide color was dark enough, and did not miss any spots this time. Perfection!!!

Cons: Honestly I can’t say anything negative about the Blacberry “After Dark” self tan. Love it!


About Suntana: Suntana Spray Tan is a UK Based company however it has branches in USA, Germany, Russia, & Denmark. I had contact with a lovely gentleman named David who is based in the UK. Suntana says that one bottle should be good for 3 to 4 full body appications. Actually I got a bit more than that. Find that Suntana mousse are a very good value. Found that my tan lasted almost a weed and half.

Tips: Of course with any self tanner exfoliation is your first step. Exfoliation of skin helps you to have a smooth canvas to apply your self tanner. Skin that is freshly exfoliated allows for a even, streak free tan. With any self tanner I would suggest adding a moisturizer to your knees, ankles, elbows, & knuckles to prevent to much product from absorbing in those areas. To extend the life of your self tan moisturize daily. Lastly I would suggest finding a sulfate free body wash, and your tan will last much longer.

Thank you to Suntana for allowing me to experience their products. Thank you to David for your prompt & courteous emails, and for working with me. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you! Below you shall find links to buy the products, and Suntana homepage, twitter etc.

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DISCLOSURE: I received these products complimentary in exchange for an honest & fair review. The thoughts in this blog are my own.