Keeva Bath Bombs: Product Review

Hey everyone. Hope your all having a good Saturday. Hard to think it’s April. Today is a great day to do a product review. The product is from Keeva, and it’s their bath bombs.


I was one of the luckily people allowed to try Keeva’s bath bombs. This was an 8 bath bomb gift set. These bath bombs are unique because the fragrances come from essential oils. Mostly these bath bombs are from natural ingredients, and are hand made.



These bath bombs are a great way to have a hot, indulgent bath. So each bath bomb is 4 oz, and their large bath bombs. This scent collection covers fruit, and floral scents. My favorites are the fruit scents, and my very favorite is the Sunshine Grapefruit.


Each scent or fragrance is true to it’s name. These bath bombs are all natural, and I love that. These Keeva bath bombs are hand made in the USA. Yet aspect to love about Keeva. I place one bath bomb in a tub of hot water, and it’s starts fizzing. Scents are lovely, but don’t overpower. Nor do they leave a residue in your tube. I would for sure buy these again.

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest, and unbiased product review. Below is a link to purchase the item on amazon.

Product Review: The Musk Shop Perfumed Oils… A fragrance that last….

Happy Labor day everyone. Hopefully all of you are having a great day. It’s a beautiful yet hot day for me. Today I want to do a product review for two perfumed oils from “The Musk Shop.”

So The Musk Shop is located in UK. The Musk Shop carries a varied selection of high quality musk, perfumed oils. Listen this is not some new fad in fact attar, musk, perfumed oils have long tradition in Middle Eastern countries.


Learned of this company via instagram. I was sent two different perfumed oils. Both oils were safely packaged in a padded envelope. This was first time he had sent internationally, and feel he did a great job. This company has great customer service. Believe that all the products come in glass bottles with a roller ball top.


I received two perfumed oils. The fragrances I received are inspired by designer perfumes/fragrances. My fragrances were, “1 Millions” & “Tom Tobacco & Vanilla.” Enjoyed wearing both fragrances, and I received lots of compliments.


TOM Tobacco & Vanilla: Photo above is a photo of the fragrance Tobacco & Vanilla which is inspired by the product from Tom Ford. Find this to be a true unisex type of fragrance. Find that The Musk Shop version is better than the original. While the fragrance will last all day it’s not heavy or overpowering. Honestly the name, ” Tobacco & Vanilla” perfectly suits this perfumed oil. Twist off the top of the bottle, and your sense are awakened. Noticed smokey, sensual, inviting notes of the tobacco blossom. Next you will notice a hint of sweetness that comes from the vanilla bean. Love that this fragrance is balanced. Did also notice a hint of spice to it. Have to be honest this is my favorite of the two.

1 Millions: This fragrance is based on the fragrance from Paco Rabanne I believe. Having said that could be wrong. Feel that this scent could also be considered unisex, but that’s just my thought. Noticed the top note to be slightly fruity. As for the middle note is musk like with maybe some cinnamon. Bottom notes come across as hone & amber like. Feel as if noticed hints of pepper. Find this scent to be lively, bold, exotic, and intriguing.

My thoughts: While I like both fragrances the, “Tobacco & Vanilla” is my favorite. Actually I switch the fragrance depending upon my mood. These perfumed oils have an advantage over spray fragrance as they have no alcohol in them. In the morning I can apply one of these fragrances, and it will last until I shower. Another benefit is that the fragrance is not heavy or overpowering. Like that there is no sting to the skin or drying when using these perfumed oils.

Tips: I find that applying just a small amount to my pulse points will last me from morning until night. Normally I apply the fragrance to my wrist, crook of my arm, behind my ears, and so on. Honestly you will need just a small amount.


As previously stated the musk shop is located in the UK. I am very impressed with the customer service. Their website is beautiful, and easy to navigate. Love the wide selection of fragrances. Only difficult thing is to make a choice. Regardless of what you buy, these products are high quality. Below will place some links, and please check them out.

Visit The Musk Shop:
Buy 1 Millions ~ Designer Perfume Oil:
Buy TOM Tobacco & Vanilla:
Follow The Musk Shop on Twitter:
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Thank you to The Musk Shop for allowing myself to try their products. If you want high quality fragrances that last make an order. The staff is customer focused, and want’s you to be happy. As I have said the customer service is terrific. Want to also thank all of my friends for stopping by my blog. Stay blessed!

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary in exchange for an honest, and fair product review. The thoughts in this blog are my own.