Product Reviews: InstaNatural’s 100% Natural Seaweed Powder, Argan Hair Elixir, Stretch Marks & Scar Cream.

Happy Tuesday everyone. Today I am going to be reviewing three products from InstaNatural. The products are their 100% Natural Seaweed Powder, the Argan Oil Hair Treatment & Elixir, & Stretch Mark + Scar Cream. Was really excited about the Seaweed powder, and so shall start with that product first.

A new product from InstaNatural is their 100% Seaweed Powder. This is a great multi use type of product. Love that it’s certified organic kelp(seaweed powder). So what does this powder do for you? Let me share with you InstaNatural’s product description.

*** InstaNatural’s Seaweed Kelp Powder is an excellent way to improve skin tone and texture while enjoying a luxurious spa treatment in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Our 100% natural and freshly harvested seaweed contains a high concentration of vitamins, minerals and iodine that remove impurities from your skin while relieving aches and pains. Most commonly it can be used for a body wrap treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite and create a slimming effect. By absorbing excess water and detoxifying the skin, our Seaweed Powder will help to make your body appear more toned, tightened and firmer. When used as a facial mask or scrub, the seaweed will extract toxins and tackle acne and other blemishes, leaving you with a softer and clearer complexion. ***

So as you can see from the photo above it’s this pale green powder. The only ingredient in this product is 100% certified organic Seaweed powder from Canada. This product has many uses. On the label they have recipes for a cellulite scrub, facial mask, body wrap & facial scrub. All are great ideas, and you should play around with the product & come up with your own treatments. Now will share with you my facial mask recipe.
## 1 tbsp. of InstaNatural’s 100% Seaweed Powder
## 1 tbsp. of water
## 1 tbsp. of Pure Aloe Vera Gel
## Few drops of Sweet Orange Essential Oil
First add in your seaweed powder, next the water, aloe vera gel, and sweet orange oil. Mix them until a thick paste like mixture. Apply the face mask to your clean dry face, and let dry for about 20 minutes. Shortly after applying the mask you will feel a tightening of the skin. That’s the seaweed powder drawing out the toxins from your skin. After the 20 minutes use a warm wet wash cloth to remove the mask.
In the above picture you will see my ingredients oh forgot to put the sweet orange oil bottle in the picture. Actually any scented essential oil you like will work. To be honest the seaweed powder has not the best smell, but we should use it for it’s detoxifying properties.

I also made a body scrub using 4 tbsp. of Seaweed Powder, 4 tbsp. of Sea Salt, 4 tbsp. Olive oil & 3 drops of Lavender oil. Mix them all together in a boil. It should be a creamy like texture. My best tip is to apply this scrub to a dry body. Work the scrub in small circular motion. Let that scrub sit on your body for at least 5 minutes. This scrub has helped with the bumps on back of my arms. Love it!

Loving this product, and still coming up with my own skin care recipes. This product gives me the ability to control what I am using on my skin, & body. Still plan to do the body rap recipe. This product does not limit you. So the product comes in a plastic tub & you get 1.5 lbs of this powder. Currently you can buy it on Amazon for $21.95 which is a great deal.

InstaNatural’s Argan Oil Hair Treatment Elixir. So what is this product & how do you use it? First share with you their product description & directions. Then shall share with you my thoughts.
*** InstaNatural’s Luxurious Argan Oil Hair Treatment & Elixir revitalizes weak, limp and lifeless hair. It quenches dryness to make your hair velvet smooth, tames frizziness and infuses instant long-lasting luminous shine. Our unique formula contains 100% buttery rich plant oils that penetrate the hair fiber and rehydrate the dry scales of hair cuticles to ensure vitality and strength. Panthenol strengthens the hair shafts by filling cracks and Shea butter thickens the hair to add volume. ***

Directions for use: Apply this product at any time for a ten-minute, two-hour or overnight hair repair treatment (apply as much as needed). Shampoo after treatment. Rub a drop of it between your palms and smooth or scrunch into hair as a styling aid and healing elixir.

I love using this Argan Hair Treatment Oil. Personally this is how I use it. Now I think it’s best to use it on hair that is only slightly damp. If you hair slightly damp the oil absorbs better into the hair. Now if you want to use the oil on the ends add few drops and really work it in. Use the heat from your hands to help absorb the oil into the hair. Next wrap the ends with plastic wrap. Let it sit for about an hour or over night. Love the product as a styling aid also. Just take a few drops into your hands. Rub your hands together, and work through your hair. This Oil has helped the look, and feel of my hair. No longer does my hair look dry & gross. It feels healthier, and I feel confident.
InstaNatural’s Argan Oil Hair Treatment comes in a 4 fl oz brown glass bottle. Currently you can get it on Amazon for about 17.95, this bottle shall last a long time. Let me share with you some of the key ingredients.
# Argan Oil
# Coconut Oil
# Sunflower Oil

Last product is InstaNatural’s Stretch Mark & Scar Cream. It’s good for prevention & reduction of stretch marks & scars. So the product comes in a 5 fl oz plastic pump top bottle. The cream is nice & white. Simply apply it to any stretch marks or scars. Should apply the cream to clean dry skin twice a day. Massage the product into the area until fully absorbed.
This product has a nice clean scent. It does not burn or sting at all. It like using a rich body lotion that just happens to help with stretch marks and scars. Like the product, but did not start to see results until 3 weeks into the test period. Still I did see results. A few of the key ingredients are.
# Vitamin C 15%
# Cocoa Butter
# Rosehip Oil
# Mango Butter

Yes there are other great ingredients, but wanted to share just a few of them. This product is made in the USA & it’s not tested on animals. Like all of the product, but my favorite has to be the Seaweed Powder. Yes I am big fan of InstaNatural’s products, and the deliver on their promises. The products are priced fairly, and are affordable. Please find links to purchase the products from amazon. Will also include links to their homepage, and facebook page.

*** Buy Seaweed Powder on Amazon:
*** Buy Argan Oil Hair Treatment on Amazon :
*** Buy Stretch Mark & Scar Cream on Amazon:
*** Visit InstaNatural’s Homepage here:
*** Like their Facebook page here:

All products were sent to me in exchange for a fair & honest review. The thoughts in this blog are my own. Want to thank InstaNatural & Tomoson for allowing me to try these amazing products. Thank you for reading my blog, and please comment, and share this post. Have a blessed day.


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